Seremedy Narciss


This Urawa Narciss experience with Seremedy and Vagu*Project was right before I headed over to my first stop on my S E trip in November: Singapore…
and then November 4th…… on Pata’s (and my own Birthday)
X Japan in Hong Kong

All this, and more about X Lives, are to be found in the blog .. at current writing time today, Sep 7th, 2012 somewhere in the vicinity of page 37 give or take a few… and well it’s a continuous story there about X…
I wont just do this recap as a reblogging of everything I then wrote one more time ha ha ha You have to go look back …..

This more like speed travel, so that you can find something from the past year that interested you.. or maybe you want to check it out now because you missed it the first time around?