Thank you soo much for messages (like the one quoted below)
here on tumblr, to my email and on Facebook!
I’m seriously touched, and it makes me feel even more convinced that
I AM doing the right thing, and hide indeed knows what he is doing when
he is inspiring me to make a WEB through music.
A web of friendship and LOVE that reaches across borders and cultures;
A PINK SPIDER WEB that works through MUSIC and within people…
and touches our HEARTS!!
” I just love your posts! I guess I am kind of living vicariously here XD
Took a lot of guts to do what you did, I admire you quite a lot.
It’s also a joy to run into another passionate adult music fan.

hide meets the South West

When you take hide with you out, and let him take the lead
on a New Year’s Eve…
you are in for a treat… so far the evening almost looked too calm…
but we took it easy, took our time, and chilled….
and the awesome DJ played the right kind of music after he had
chatted with us for a little bit (^.~)

Not knowing Japanese can be tough sometimes, but having hide on
the table while drinking in Japan, solves any kind of possible language
barriers…. ha ha ha
Funny enough though, the last I saw of 2011, were these walls
with Route 66 and the bathroom even had a dream catcher on the wall…
Here I was on the other side of the world, closing 2011 as the year
with my leap from USA… the South West…sitting in a bar in Tokyo
looking straight at a Rt 66 road sign… oh the irony



Having a drink with hide

hide showed us the way….
you know he does that if you let him…
so we sat down to drink with him at a bar in Shimokitazawa

We took off from Ikebukuro with yamanote line and ran thru
Shinjuku station and made it to Shimokitazawa around 22.45…
then what?
Neither one of us had given it any thought
we were totally clueless what to do when we arrived.
ha ha ha
We started walking and figured it will come to us…
hide will show us where to go
Phoe-Lo showed me where the ‘Garden’ venue was where SGZ
had the Soul’s mate show in  December…. and then…..
just totally intuitively ’crazy’, we walked in to a bar……
sat down ordered drinks and just waited for something to happen…. When you have hide on table something was bound to happen…
but first let’s drink….

hide at Tower Records

hide at Tower Records
Heard that many of you haven’t seen this, so I’m posting it here…



Pink Spider Path

hide – and the pink spider path……

Why am I posting this tonight…..

because when I start doubting I need to return this and
reframe myself back into the spot where my
Pink-Spider-turn-around started
it was OK to JUMP…

or wrong…. I don’t know if it is OK, or good, or bad,
really… I don’t even know where I live after February 13th….
let alone what part of the world I will be in….
but so far this risky business has worked out ok and I’m on a

Musical trip almost every day and a high from all the previously
unknown encounters.

I have met so much Love lately, and almost always this is because
of a shared belief in miracles and in hide

Every day I love.... and yet this is without even having romance
in my life… maybe that’s good, because I might just die if that
would happen too….. from overflowing.. ha ha ha

and yes, between you and me…. of course that would be nice too
one of these days… a romance… a passionate relationship based
on mutual love.