Sugizo – Tree of Life

SuGiZo – Tree of Life

I bought it on a day when the moon was FULL….
and this was one of the few things that worked out great today…
a lot of stuff did NOT go my way..
so this will be about my life and my day, my tree of life and not much about Sugizo LOL

Then again when I got home, around midnight, I summed it all up …

…and you know it’s really funky how we tend to emotionally really can mess up our
experiences, whether it be over a day, a week or a life time…
I was upset because for a ton of silly mishaps and ‘emergencies’.
I ended up being so delayed that I (and well Phoe-Lo too) had to skip a LIVE tonight

The other ‘bad’ thing that happened was that I bought a Japanese iTunes card and my American account still blocks it out.
So these two things made me think gaaah what a day…
but then when I looked at the whole picture….I saw something different, or maybe
I saw it differently
a hide-miracle happened, and I got a last minute appointment for doing the
that I felt was so important to me already before leaving for Japan,
and was one of the must do things here in Japan!
I was just sitting at dinner time and talking with Phoe-Lo and I said to her:
“Well the tattoo I guess just wasn’t meant to happen, because the only time I have now
would be Thursday after 6 pm, and the only place I know about said they didn’t have any
times until next week….”
Why does hide always have to do miracles in very the last minute ?? ha ha ha
After midnight I got an email in my inbox… one of the tattoo guys said he could
come in on Thursday and do it for me.. would 7PM/19:00 o’clock be a good time…
WOW… Yes yes yes!
by the way this is the text that will be embodied …or embedded or.. inked…
or ha ha ha ha  it will be tattooed…

ピンクスパイダー 空は呼んでいる

the very same words I heard at Miura Reien in May…when I decided that YES I should
jump, leap, fly… and catch a pink cloud …and be in Japan….for a reason that wasn’t
totally clear to me.….

Also I was upset at Tower Records in Ikebukuro for not having the Ra:IN album I wanted
to buy…but I should choose to be happy that they could put one on hold in the
Shibuya store for it…
See there is always a choice on how to react.…but we all tend forget that..

Same when the Izakaya here downstairs had no table … first I was upset..
or well not toooo bad, but I was a little annoyed, but then, because of it, we
decided to go to the little Spanish place across the street.. and
WOW I got a glass of the best Rioja Crianza wine with just the perfect temperature…
so what am I really whining about and WHY?

To relearn takes time because we need to unlearn old ways of thinking first,
old ways of reacting to our reality….

The best thing today though, was also the reason that I was delayed
( and still I felt negatively about it… weird),
was that I printed out the art work I have been working on.
It came out way better than I could possibly have hoped for, so once again I had proved
to myself that rethinking and abolishing evaluation, as well as not dividing life in terms of
good and bad is the WAY TO GO!!

I am sad, yes I am sad, to leave Japan, but on the other hand I am also
sooooo happy to be able to see some of my beloved people in the US.
Friends that I miss and love..
and now tonight, when I sat online I received a few messages that means the world to me… and I felt how my inner core started to fire up and sparkle by the thought alone
of seeing this friend again!
oh you LIFE … I OWE you MY everything…
oh yes, my life has a life of its own and it is quite
fascinating to UNFOLD it….

oh and regarding my tattoo, I got it at Tokyo Hardcore Tattoo
Highly recommend them!






Size doesn’t matter?

Beer and Wine in Japan Questions …
Teeny, tiny beer glasses … Can someone please tell me the rationale behind this?
The bottles certainly aren’t small…
by the way just so you don’t all jump on me… they do serve beer in bigger
beer glasses/jugs as well … but often this is what you see.
Same with wine.. often same teeny, tiny glasses.. and well when we are
at the topic of WINE… why is red wine served cold in Japan.. I mean really COLD…
Not everywhere but almost everywhere

hide and Chardonnay

hide will have to drink Chardonnay with us this evening.
There will be enough strong sake to come later this week end,
so wine it is…
But he is with us in everything we do, and because of the pink clouds
watching over us, we had a great evening and a totally awesome week end.
This Friday the 13th was setting the stage. It was nice to charge up on energy,
and eat good food at an izakaya (for a change).
Most often eating is done in a rush here and
there…. Like Onigiri-from-the-konbini-at-desk-kind-of-meals….

konbini onigiri

Drinking Time

A glass of Beaujolais Nouveau

Yesterday I was doing something very “Japanese”….
I drank Beaujolais Nouveau ha ha ha

On the actual  ”Beaujolais Nouveau Day” 2011
The vin de primeur was sold at the izakaya located in
the building  where I live.

Seriously me labeling this as a “Japanese” thing to do,
is because I have lived in many places and not once seen such
heavy marketing for the Beaujolais Nouveau Day!
Well, when I hang a lot with friends in the wine industry during
the years I lived in San Francisco Bay Area, California, I was
utterly aware of it happening, but I guess I didn’t expect it to be
a BIG event here in Japan. Like everywhere….
Usually Japan sends vibes to me that it is:
Beer, Sake and Shōchū ( 焼酎 )
and some funky alco-sodas Strong Zero (link about it below)
that is their choice when imbibing alcohol. and yes, of course
common drinks like Gin Tonic,  Jack Coke, Bourbon Soda etc.
but so far when I’ve been out not all bars even serve wine.
I learn something new and remarkable about this culture every day!
Today is FRIDAY and I will go and explore a for me new neighborhood,
Shimo-Kitazawa, tonight.
I’ve been wanting to go there ever since I moved into my apartment
not far from Shimo-Kitazawa.  EXCITING!

For those of you puzzled at the “Izakaya” word
Here is a long list of different Japanese restaurant establishments 

and a little bit about Shochu:
Shōchū (焼酎) is a Japanese distilled beverage less
than 45% alcohol by volume. It is typically distilled from
rice (kome),
barley (mugi), sweet potatoes (satsuma-imo),
buckwheat (soba), or brown sugar (kokutō), though it is
sometimes produced from other ingredients such as chestnut,
sesame seeds, potatoes or even carrots.
Typically shōchū contains 25% alcohol by volume,
which is weaker than whisky or standard-strength vodka
but stronger than wine and sake.
It is not uncommon for multiple-distilled shōchū,
which is more likely to be used in mixed drinks,
to contain up to 35% alcohol by volume.

About Strong Zero and similar canned alcoholic beverages