The Bridge

Last entry ended with these words: “And I believed him… in a way I still do. The bridge however… is […]


Eisuke-san   @eisuke_gp Vocalist of ‘grace period’ in photo focus… photos from Live gig at Shindaita/新代田 Fever 10-24-12   Click on images […]


VoRCHAOS Vocalist 淳 (Jun-san) in ACTION! With this kind of passion on stage, believe me, you FEEL it…. it is so […]

YuI Fire Breathing

Vagu*Project – YuI Fire Breathing I finally managed to catch YuI’s fire breathing on ‘tape’. YAY!! Vagu*Project is always Vagu*Project and they […]

Yuichi (ゆーぃち) Drummer

Z.O.’s Drummer ゆーぃち in focus Jan 22 2012 at 浦和ナルシス NO this is not the BEST video ever, it’s rather lousy actually sorry […]