the Recap continued

The recap continued…. Urawa Narciss –  浦和ナルシス Little did I then know that this place, and the band ‘Vagu*Project’ would […]

Ryo’s Pin

Ryo-san’s (Vagu*Project) Pin – Ruido K4 Jan 31, 2012 This is a special blog for ‘the Priestess’ (avid PSW blog […]

Last Vagu Video from Jan 22

Vagu*Project last video from jan 22, 2012 at 浦和ナルシス Luckily and hopefully not the last video or live ever ^^ just from […]

Happiness, Pure Happiness!

Vagu*Project at URAWA NARCISS 12 12 2011 HAPPINESS!! PURE HAPPINESS!! Back home and right now I’m listening through their album and the single […]