the Recap continued

The recap continued….

Urawa Narciss –  浦和ナルシス
Little did I then know that this place, and the band ‘Vagu*Project’ would instigate in me new ideas and a creativity I haven’t felt in a good while.

hide’s ‘plan’…. the Pink Spider Web plan started to form and I was actually already a good portion along the path… I just wasn’t aware of what I had already produced (this blog) and that my insights and knowledge of Japanese music and culture , combined with my prior career experiences, would lead to me becoming an avid LIVE gig attendee.


In December I started the  Vagu*Project unofficial Fan club on Facebook which can be found here: 

This was right after I got back from X-Japan S E Asia our Lives

Which is coming up in this recap above here shortly

but first why not look at a video…..

Ryo’s Pin

Ryo-san’s (Vagu*Project) Pin – Ruido K4 Jan 31, 2012

This is a special blog for ‘the Priestess’ (avid PSW blog reader)  in the US,
who wondered about Ryo’s pin.
Well here it is and I know it’s hard to see, but on the second photo Ryo actually held up
his hands and formed a heart around it.
It is from Tokyo Disneyland and he didn’t say much more about it when we asked
about its history, or reason that he wears it, but repeated that it was from Disneyland.

Next video up explains the reason to the two photos…. LOL
You can see it is actually one pin, and one pin only that lights up sometimes.
‘The Priestess’ a.k.a. Lee, is one of Vagu*Project’s dedicated fans outside of Japan.
For more about Vagu*Project International Road workers please see:


Last Vagu Video from Jan 22

Vagu*Project last video from jan 22, 2012 at 浦和ナルシス

Luckily and hopefully not the last video or live ever ^^
just from this live…

So yes the blog has been flooded with Vagu*Project for reasons you
will understand if you read previous blogs below.
Next LIVE will be at 新宿RUIDO K4 Jan 31, 2012

Then Feb 12, 2012  柏Thumb up (Kashiwa)

As I said quality was a little so-so this time, and I really look forward to getting
a video camera that can shoot better quality for concerts and low light situations.
Sound and Light situation is rather extreme at a Live House

As the Vagu*Project International Road Workers all know

I conducted an interview with them before this LIVE, and I really want to
convey to all of you a message from them,
that they are HAPPY for your support and hope you will continue to
support them. Also keep your eyes open for an all new web site
 which will be more internationally and helpful, and where information also
will be available in English. It will most likely be another month or so before it is up.
They LOVE that you have sent them emails and for more information on how to
go about that please click the Facebook link above.

Also in order for them to continue with their path and step it up a notch,
they need to sell CDs!! 
Please visit the link above for information on how to go about.
It is super easy and I help with shipping.

I wish there was a way for ALL of YOU to come here to Tokyo and hear them
and be taken by their charisma, charm, creativity and musical talent.
Vagu*Project LOVE is a very special kind…..  




Happiness, Pure Happiness!

Vagu*Project at URAWA NARCISS
12 12 2011


Back home and right now I’m listening through their album
and the single
I got at the live gig tonight..
It was another solid performance, so after seeing three ‘lives’
with them,  we just cannot be wrong about this band a
nd their capacity!
Vagu*Project are better than the others we have seen in the
same genre right now in Tokyo,
their sold stage presenceperformance and music skills.
They have that feel like they are a big band just not yet known to
the world!

In the break between two bands we chatted little bit with Ryo
as much as you can chat in a live house and not being able to
speak the same language… ha ha
Phoe-Lo is good though. She is learning Japanese fast!!
BUT We did tell him about the fan page project at


and for those of you who haven’t liked this FB  page yet,
PLEASE do it!!
It means a lot to me and to them now.
He was rather shocked when I told him that they have people
who LOVE what they do also outside of Japan.
(Update 2012: As a matter of fact people from over 25 countries
now like the page.)

Another reason I LOVE them is the ease and natural behavior.
There is nothing inflated, or wannabe-ish, or
I’m-a-rocker-and-I-strut-it , about these guys!
They smile, have eye contact and feel so human and kind.
Somehow I feel that their attitude alone should enable them
to be successful, however cynically speaking,
it is rarely the case that stage charisma, smiles and kindness gives
you auto-success…
BUT HEY let’s HELP them??
Pretty PLEASE!!!

They of course need to sell their CDs, so if you want to buy one
please email me and I will ship it to you.
My email as always:

I will try to upload some of their tracks but of course cut, so you
can get the feel for them…
I wish I could share the sparkling emotions I feel right now, listening
to them, having the live and the chat with Ryo (bassist)
so fresh in my memory!

They will be O.A. on Dec 25th at 浦和NARCISS  again
So if you are in the greater TOKYO area and want to tag along
Me and Phoe-Lo are going and would love to bring more friends along!!

More info here: