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First an important note about “the Pink Spider Web”….

Many of you have commented and asked about the  fact that when clicking on other menues on this site you get a log in window.
It asks you to please enter a membership ID and Password.
There is in fact NO need to register for a membership.
There is not even such a thing as membership at the moment.
This is just a way for us to technically keep the rest of the site “locked down”
while it’s being developed!!
So for now ENJOY the blog, don’t worry about membership,
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The Pink Spider Web site, or portal rather, is intended to become a meeting place, for all who have interest in the Japanese Rock Music Scene, but who aren’t necessarily living in Japan.
(but of course we also welcome all of our visitors living in Japan!!
Finding information about Japanese bands, can be troublesome if you don’t read Japanese fluently.
This is also why “the Pink Spider Web” has been collaborating with individual bands such as Vagu*Project, to create web sites accessible and understandable for people who don’t speak/read Japanese, and who want to download and buy their music from outside of Japan.
Currently many bands, like Vagu*Project, only sell their albums as CDs at Live Houses, and a few sell them also at record stores such as Tower Records.
Vagu*Project’s current web page (not working well outside Japan and only in Japanese) can be seen here:
But in a few weeks the new more international web site will open in conjunction with their One Man Live and new album release June 10th !!
So that is something we really look forward to!!

For many bands however, creating their own web site and making their songs and merchandise available for sale online just isn’t helping much, as the audience who really wants to do so, have a very hard time finding their sites. A needle in the haystack on Facebook, iTunes, Amazon etc. and many many Japanese bands don’t even have a presence at such places.
“The Pink Spider Web” intends to be like a small town square in the times before internet, or even before TV and Radio. Where people, who have a mutual interest in, and passion for, Japanese Rock music can find their band, discover new bands, and find the web sites for such bands, such as Vagu*Project.

Now then….what have the Pink SpiderWeb been doing since last blog entry..?
Well here it goes… this is a start….April 26th PSW went to Shinjuku as planned to see TSP and I was not disappointed. (also See earlier blog entry for more info.)

As you all might have understood now from the above text entry, is that  this ‘blog’ is not intended as some editorial reviews for Live gigsbut my idea with it is more to introduce you all to bands and places in Japan that might catch your interest, so you can find out more about them {elsewhere].

I will try to post as many links as I can to Official Home Pages , sound cloud files, or Facebook/ twitter pages etc etc
To TSP I didn’t bring the camera as this was for pure pleasure for myself and when I shoot a gig, I can’t rally relax the same way as when I’m not behind the camera.
This was a fun night together with my friend Miguel from Mexico who lives here in Tokyo and is engaged to a Japanese girl.

After the gig we went to a bar in my neighborhood called Hard & Sweet BLACK to meet up with the band members from
Re:VIBE, and with
Reds☆ (vo. AURA and Gu. 湾岸の羊 Wangan Sheep)
and Taka (Dr. BLADE_tm)

BLADE are by the way here below on the blog… a few entries down… and there will be more on AURA and 湾岸の羊 Wangan Sheep in a few days.

a wonderful FUN FUN FUN party and connecting night.
As I didn’t have my camera with me this night, photos below were taken with iPhones in Darkness… tough for any camera…
It is a totally BLACK awesome space kind of place ha ha ha, but you can probably tell beyond the image quality of the photos that YES it was FUN!
Just HOW FUN this was…. well… I did get in trouble the next day for VoRCHAOS Live gig at Kichijoji Crescendo, because I lost my glasses this night and was practically blind Saturday….(more about that later)

ReVIBE_taka_Junko_Reds_ego_042613_100000_92From left to right in photo:

Reds☆ (Vo. AURA and Gu. 湾岸の羊 Wangan Sheep) , Anna (the PSW), Junko,
村上貴洋 Takahiro Murakami (Ba. Re:VIBE) , 滝上修幸 Nobuyuki Takigami (Gu Re:VIBE),  奥村光幸 Mitsuyuki Okumura (Gu. Re:VIBE) , 江田智樹 Tomoki Eda (Vo. Re:VIBE)
In the middle: Masataka ‘TAKA’ Tokiwa Dr. BLADE
In front: SAJI Bartender at BLACK, DJ and host of Ustream channel

and one more… same people….minus Junko and Saji


and ….April 26 27 28 and 29……

Coming up…

April 26 TSP at 渋谷THE GAME

TSP is band I have been wanting to see but never had a chance to until now.
TSP was formed in 2010 by Taiji (X Japan, LOUDNESS, D.T.R, Taiji with Heaven’s and more….)
TSP – Taiji & Shu Project –  had Taiji on bass and  Shu on Guitar (Cloud Nine, Crazy Quarter Mile), vocalist Dai (Taiji with Heaven’s) and drummer Hina (Crazy Quarter Mile).
You can read more about their current line up on there site (link below)
Other bands on Friday:
Sense Of Stability(OA)
Fear From The Hate

Photo is from their web site 4-24-13:

Photo is from their web site 4-24-13:



and here’s a video with a song I really like




April 27 is VoRCHAOS 

….you all know how close VoRCHAOS is to my heart (。´ ‿`♡)
They are so skilled, so full of passion for what they create and perform,
and five totally pleasant and charming guys!

Listen to them on Soundcloud

(from 2011 recordings).
They will be releasing a full album this coming FALL!

or check a few posts down here on the Pink Spider Web’s Blog for a video.

Bands Saturday at 吉祥寺)CRESCENDO  are: 


Vorchaos 042413









Sunday April 28 QUORUM

I want to tell you about a sweet and very talented guy I met last week. His name is Yuta.

First time I met him was at Yoyogi ‘Zher the Zoo’ on Friday (4-19) when my friend Yusuke (Dr. Moneyqueen) was playing at an After party for Heesey’s Birthday Live.
Yusuke was of course very busy, so he introduced me to his friend Yuta. People in Japan are considerate, thoughtful and kind like this!

We had a great time together across the language barriers. We then ‘ran’ into each other again on Saturday night in a bar in Shimokitazawa, as well as on Sunday at Club Sensation for BLADE. 

Yuta plays guitar in QUORUM. I have never heard QUORUM play Live yet, but I’m pretty sure it will be good times.
Yuta is a talented musician himself, so I’m sure he wont bargain with what the band does together.

Just listen to this!!! I liked it the first time I heard it.
Second time I was like ‘woah what a voice’ ..he ‘feels’ it… he has it…. and then yeah …then the guitar….Mmmmmm..
Third time I was hooked

so I don’t only listen to heavy rock …
I just listen to what I feel reverberates within me.
And it can differ from one day to another what I ‘plug into my ears’
That’s why I have a hard time with questions like:
Who is your favorite artist? Which band is your favorite one? etc etc

This song “above with Yuta for ex gives me peace and loving feelings….



Last but not least…
Monday 4-29 at Club Sensation – KEIKO WALKER

I just LOVE her voice, and to add to it, she is the sweetest person ever!
(She also has an adorable dog named Angelina )

I will get back to you all with more about how it was some time next week,
so check back here to read more about it and the other Lives I mentioned above!

Poster image from her site, please visit:
You can just click on the image (^.-)

Keiko Walker at CS 042913