Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Unfortunately their website leaves a lot of room for improvement,
at least if you are visiting from abroad, or for whatever reason don’t
read Japanese Kanji
First of all if you go there from a place outside of Japan you might
just see weird alphabet and other characters all over the place.
Make sure your preferences are set to unicode !
If you use google Chrome check that little wrench up top in the
far right corner. Look under tools and then encoding. 
even after doing so and you can read the pages… well …you’ll
just have to see for yourself. There are a few nice images, and
their schedule is now updated!
That’s how I finally found out about the LIVEs
When I went to this page back in October, nothing was updated.
The members also have blogs (on ameblo), but as far as I can see
Ryo hasn’t  written anything since last year.
For all of you who think I have gone too far in writing about a band
you will never ever be able to see, let alone hear, I can only give you
my thanks for your patience.
After this I will finish up the writings about the remainder of the night
here at Red Zone then return to X Japan stuff and then we’ll see…
Maybe I can somehow do something about this…
December is loaded with MUSIC…
Next week coming up is BUCK-TICK and before that if I’m lucky
I hope to catch SUGIZO on Saturday’s anti-nuke demonstrations
here in Tokyo. The demonstrations we’ll be here in 渋谷区
so if you live here close by, See you then!



Toshi Message – Say I Love You!


Actually all these people in front of me moved once it started and
I had a totally clear view of the stage.
I’m was standing in the center and  there were no seats there.
To my left and right I had the press/ media / TV so I think
that helped getting that perfect position.

I was allowed to take photos up until Toshi entered the stage.
They really repeated this over and over about no photos, both
in English and Japanese, and the media guys next to me also
told me. Here we can see today’s support musicians…
Wow….Strings and a Grand Piano…
this will be interesting!

hide presenting Toshi MESSAGE LIVE for you ..

Toshi’s message was about drug prevention.
I didn’t understand a lot of the actual message (Japanese only)
but I got some help telling me the gist of it.
He talked about the earthquake and the Tsunami that struck
Northern Japan, and various other natural disasters
for example the flooding in Bangkok (which I have blogged about
a few pages back) when X Japan had their tour final there, and
the various donations X Japan and he himself has taken to
try their best to help out.
He also talked about drugs and his support for police work
to try to eradicate drug use. He wanted to send a message of
support and encouragement to those who fight for our security
and safety.
He had also written a song specifically for this event:
SAY I LOVE YOU~本当に大切なもの守りたい
Say I Love You – really want to protect important things