DIE-san at the Zoo


DIE-san climbing all over the place, trying to reach the stars,
but you know what?
He is a true STAR!  Very bright, energetic and sparkling person!
… and yes, we were at Zhere the ZOO 
I guess he took it literally?!
DIEsan climbs all over when he plays with KTWAs always all this is due to hide...
if it wasn’t for the Pink Spider I wouldn’t be here experiencing all this
wonderful music and amazing time, so far from everything I used to
know in the US.



I feel so filled with life after seeing him and MADさん on stage!
Brain must surely have produced tons of good stuff tonight,
because I’m convinced I must be in a musical paradise of fun times.

To do what I do, and I do a lot of it lately, makes me sometimes drag
my feet out the door… It’s not that I think it will be yet another loud night,
or yet another band to hear..
Tonight I knew it was going to be great to hear KISS the WORLD.
but I sure didn’t know a thing about the other bands… so… yeah…

I must admit I wasn’t really keen on leaving my house today at all.
What pushed me over was the fact that I didn’t want to miss KTW,
and second I had no good excuse to give to Phoe-Lo, friendship
commitments are important!
And lastly the Venue “Zher the Zoo” is within walking distance from my
I went!
Not really thinking a lot or expecting much.

Also biggest surprise, that Ru-chan must have sensed, because
she said to me:
Anna, you never know…
and guess what, I ‘found’ another band that was a real WOW tonight.
I want to check them out as soon as I can….
It was like seeing Kiyoharu performing with BUCK-TICK with a
Hizaki guitarist and a bassist as eye candy.

Their sound was awesome! I really liked it, and they had a slow ballad in
the end.. that was world class!

PINK SPIDER you work in mysterious ways
You can find DIE-san on twitter as @Pukapyu


Vagu’s Love & Peace

Vagu*Project and their latest single “Love & Peace”
at Urawa Narciss Live House  浦和ナルシス
They are definitely have all my Love 

Their performance felt strong and confident tonight.




Yui, Yui, Yui….

YuI , YuI , YuI……
I adore your stage capacity and charisma

They are just amazing these guys….

so sad the sound cant be better recorded…
just go see them!!


One more short clip


One last short video clip before Zzzzzzzzzleeping……