Love that Smile

Vagu* Project

They are all good at what they are doing…
Love that smile and eye contact with someone in the audience
the very last millisecond!




Happiness, Pure Happiness!

Vagu*Project at URAWA NARCISS
12 12 2011


Back home and right now I’m listening through their album
and the single
I got at the live gig tonight..
It was another solid performance, so after seeing three ‘lives’
with them,  we just cannot be wrong about this band a
nd their capacity!
Vagu*Project are better than the others we have seen in the
same genre right now in Tokyo,
their sold stage presenceperformance and music skills.
They have that feel like they are a big band just not yet known to
the world!

In the break between two bands we chatted little bit with Ryo
as much as you can chat in a live house and not being able to
speak the same language… ha ha
Phoe-Lo is good though. She is learning Japanese fast!!
BUT We did tell him about the fan page project at


and for those of you who haven’t liked this FB  page yet,
PLEASE do it!!
It means a lot to me and to them now.
He was rather shocked when I told him that they have people
who LOVE what they do also outside of Japan.
(Update 2012: As a matter of fact people from over 25 countries
now like the page.)

Another reason I LOVE them is the ease and natural behavior.
There is nothing inflated, or wannabe-ish, or
I’m-a-rocker-and-I-strut-it , about these guys!
They smile, have eye contact and feel so human and kind.
Somehow I feel that their attitude alone should enable them
to be successful, however cynically speaking,
it is rarely the case that stage charisma, smiles and kindness gives
you auto-success…
BUT HEY let’s HELP them??
Pretty PLEASE!!!

They of course need to sell their CDs, so if you want to buy one
please email me and I will ship it to you.
My email as always:

I will try to upload some of their tracks but of course cut, so you
can get the feel for them…
I wish I could share the sparkling emotions I feel right now, listening
to them, having the live and the chat with Ryo (bassist)
so fresh in my memory!

They will be O.A. on Dec 25th at 浦和NARCISS  again
So if you are in the greater TOKYO area and want to tag along
Me and Phoe-Lo are going and would love to bring more friends along!!

More info here:



I Passed Otsuka Red Zone

Jenziih Birthday Dec. 6, 2011

Also wanted to let you know Jenziih, that I came think about you guys
when I passed this poster at Ootsuka Red Zone last week.
I went to see Vagu*Project , the band who were up after you on Narciss
that evening Oct 28th.
I hope you will be back in Tokyo soon!
If nothing else I will see you in Sweden some time 2012!!

Ōtsuka Red Zone is no more.
October 2012 Hearts took over
it is now renovated and ran as a
Otsuka Hearts+




Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Unfortunately their website leaves a lot of room for improvement,
at least if you are visiting from abroad, or for whatever reason don’t
read Japanese Kanji
First of all if you go there from a place outside of Japan you might
just see weird alphabet and other characters all over the place.
Make sure your preferences are set to unicode !
If you use google Chrome check that little wrench up top in the
far right corner. Look under tools and then encoding. 
even after doing so and you can read the pages… well …you’ll
just have to see for yourself. There are a few nice images, and
their schedule is now updated!
That’s how I finally found out about the LIVEs
When I went to this page back in October, nothing was updated.
The members also have blogs (on ameblo), but as far as I can see
Ryo hasn’t  written anything since last year.
For all of you who think I have gone too far in writing about a band
you will never ever be able to see, let alone hear, I can only give you
my thanks for your patience.
After this I will finish up the writings about the remainder of the night
here at Red Zone then return to X Japan stuff and then we’ll see…
Maybe I can somehow do something about this…
December is loaded with MUSIC…
Next week coming up is BUCK-TICK and before that if I’m lucky
I hope to catch SUGIZO on Saturday’s anti-nuke demonstrations
here in Tokyo. The demonstrations we’ll be here in 渋谷区
so if you live here close by, See you then!