A Short Memory Lane

Shinya (previously known as Tokarev / トカレフ)

YuI on Guitar and Vocals

Ryo on bass


Another one with Shinya

Vagu*Project revisited

Tonight I have spent many many hours going through all the Vagu*Project photos for
a special purpose that I will reveal shortly…
Just want to share some of these photos with you tonight for a trip down, the relatively
short memory lane… Since October 28th of last year




MC Interview with YuI

ビデオは日本語です – Video is all in Japanese.

Vagu*Project -YuI

YuI, vocalist (and fire breather in the video below) in Vagu*Project,
is interviewed at Ruido K4 during their

POP☆UNITED presents『V系ポップディスコ Vol.2』

ビデオは日本語です – All in Japanese.


The Host

Ruido K4’s host for the

POP☆UNITED presents『V系ポップディスコ Vol.2』

In the next video coming up you will see him interview YuI…
yes that’s right not Ryo but YuI for a change…Shy, wonderful YuI




YuI Fire Breathing

Vagu*Project – YuI Fire Breathing

I finally managed to catch YuI’s fire breathing on ‘tape’. YAY!!

Vagu*Project is always Vagu*Project and they ROCK!
Phoe-Lo and I weren’t too impressed with the other bands so we didn’t stay the whole evening at Ruido K4 – POP☆UNITED presents Jan 31, 2012.
Maybe we missed something…but we were also very hungry, because we came directly
here and the venue opened at 16.30/4.30PM
Vagu*Project was first band up and started at 5 pm!! so no time for food in between…

Probably lowered our take on the artists coming after Vagu as well, or …
Anyway we ended up not staying late.


This is from the schedule info.
POP☆UNITED presents『V系ポップディスコ Vol.2』
the fool

However talking about live houses and Hall layouts, this was a very good one.
Bar, smoking and merch tables were even set up outside and with a closed door in between.

So YuI did some Fire breathing…
On a side note:
I can clearly see now that my image quality has decreased a lot this past year,
and its definitely time to get a new Video cam! Sound is not tooo bad this time though!