Cutt – Video IV

CUTT カット  Club Sensation Jan 27, 2012  IV

Cutt video III Jan 27

CUTT カット  Club Sensation Jan 27, 2012  III

Sorry I don’t have a lot of time to write anything much here.
Right now I need to finish all the uploads and then come back here and edit text.
Jan 27, Jan 28, Jan 29 and  31 are scheduled live gigs for me,
so it means that I every night when I come home I will have tons of videos
and images to edit as well…
Every 10 minutes of video takes a little over an hour to upload to Youtube.
Internet speed is really slow…. sigh
Please be patient, THANK YOU!



Saved by the Chocolates


These saved me today!!

I sat up last night editing tons of images and trimming videos, from the past days.
It’s been an immense power usage since Thursday it was bound to happen….
I kind of knew that I can not use up all my sparkling credit at once without consequences.
That’s probably why I stayed up, and at least went through it all
before going to bed early this morning.
When I woke up around noon, I was very very weak, and I knew I had a fever.
My whole body aching, my nasal airways totally blocked and chest pains.
Luckily I really don’t get sick often, but when it does hit me I get very sick.
Shivering and shaking I lay in bed and realized I started to become very hungry.
Nothing at home to eat. I sat up in bed trying to muster enough energy to
make a cup of tea.
DIZZY!   No can do!!
so I laid back down…. now thinking how I should go about this;
if couldn’t even stand up. I definitely need to drink at least.
Then I remembered the chocolates we got at Club Sensation.
It was really funky gift forwarding swapping situation late at night. I sat up in bed
and managed to get over to the chocolates, thinking that it would raise my
blood sugar enough so I could have enough energy to make tea.
I ate a piece of these lovely chocolates…
….AND YES…..
it worked!!!
⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
From there I could move on over to my stove and I did brew tea.
Then exhausted I lay down fell back to sleep for another 20 minutes or so
and when I woke up the tea was perfect drinking temperature.
After some tea I felt better and now the big challenge came… to get some food.
I managed to get dressed, ate another piece of chocolate and hoped I wouldn’t
faint coming back up the stairs.
Why did I think living on the 4th floor was such a brilliant idea?  ha ha ha
I actually love this apartment, the location and the views are to die for, but
oh well, today was not a day when getting back up to the fourth floor without
an elevator was such a good thing.
I really dont know how I did it, but I did come back with a meal from
the コンビニ (convenience store)  in this case 7-eleven.
so thanks to the chocolates I got energy enough to make it and later was able to
get full, and after the meal I got some energy back and now I hope I can do a
massive Vagu*Project blog video upload with passion !!
After yesterday I love these guys even more!
I love rock and music in Japan even more, and I am so happy that hide
shows the path!





Michiaki and Hiroko talking
Hiroko was also kindly helping translating, even though Michiaki does speak
some English, it is so great to have help to avoid misunderstandings.
Michiaki was delighted to hear that Phoe-Lo had seen him playing in Moscow
with Ra:IN.


Kyoji and Phoe-Lo
Phoe-Lo was delighted to chat with Kyojiさん and so was I.
He is fluent in English and such a kind person and amazing artist.
Such a great evening among great people and wonderful music.

The Club Sensation Paradise

Kyoji, Michiaki and Grico

I think I was in paradise tonight… because paradise is that feeling you get when you are one with music!

Thank You so much for giving me the chance to hear you play Live at a place this intimate and great as the Club Sensation in Yokohama is!
It will be forever treasured in my HEART!