Fair should be fair… didn’t get a very good shot of Okaji-san tonight, but here is a video from HeavensDust live at Ikebukuro Black Hole February 3, this year.
This was an awesome percussion ‘dialogue’ with Ajo-san and Okaji-san

Also when I got home I found this…
HeavensDust had uploaded an ‘Okaji-san Video’ m/ 

I will however soon post a photo of DENIAL’s bassist Toshi…

The trio hanafugetsu

Now something totally different…
The trio hanafugetsu 

Because of my interest in a Japanese Rock band “HeavensDust” I am following a few of their members on twitter. And this is how it goes…
HeavensDust is an amazing band in that they incorporate traditional instruments in their otherwise very contemporary music.
Taiko drums (Ajo) and the Shakuhachi (Daisuke)

Two of the members in HeavensDust play in the trio called hanafugetsu but here in the trio
衣袋聖志  Kiyoshi Ibukuro (who plays Bass in HeavensDust) plays the 箏 Koto

Koto is a traditional Japanese string instrument and you can read more about it here
or google it …
and of course watch the video in this blog

and Daisuke plays the Shakuhachi in both groups.
Here is a resourceful site about the shakuhachi

Isn’t this just DIVINE Music??

I am soooo grateful to all things that I get to experience here in Japan, and to the people who go with me and help me.
This time special gratitude goes to Kubota Nao who works at Sakura House here in Tokyo. She is very customer service oriented person, and does an excellent job at Sakura House. If you ever come to Tokyo and need a place to stay, she and the Sakura House staff is highly recommended by me!

Kubota-san and I are now friends, and she was kind to come along and help translating the Shakuhachi presentation held by Daisuke Kaminaga, as well as having fun trying to make sounds in this very difficult instrument. It was an awesome evening indeed!

Taiko and Drums Solo

Heavens Dust: Taiko (Japanese drums) and Drums solo
Sometimes when something doesn’t go your way, it’s probably just an illusion,
or a pink spider from the sky telling you to re-direct your perception,
and re-focus on what it is all about .
Let me tell you I have received an enormous amount of support (in response to previous
post) , and I want to celebrate this with drums!!
Let’s continue the mission for all abroad to be able to hear Japanese music!
This is what I am all about the LOVE for MUSIC, and LOVE for JAPAN!

So let’s listen to  some really great TAIKO (太鼓) and regular drums together
The video above is Heavens Dust’s Okaji on drums and  Ajo on Taiko
AMAZING!! and so cool

More about Heavens Dust:

This is some awesome percussion that goes straight to your heart ♡,
no matter what your passport say you are from… ha ha
If you cannot beat them, beat the DRUMS!! LOL