DIE-san at the Zoo


DIE-san climbing all over the place, trying to reach the stars,
but you know what?
He is a true STAR!  Very bright, energetic and sparkling person!
… and yes, we were at Zhere the ZOO 
I guess he took it literally?!
DIEsan climbs all over when he plays with KTWAs always all this is due to hide...
if it wasn’t for the Pink Spider I wouldn’t be here experiencing all this
wonderful music and amazing time, so far from everything I used to
know in the US.



I feel so filled with life after seeing him and MADさん on stage!
Brain must surely have produced tons of good stuff tonight,
because I’m convinced I must be in a musical paradise of fun times.

To do what I do, and I do a lot of it lately, makes me sometimes drag
my feet out the door… It’s not that I think it will be yet another loud night,
or yet another band to hear..
Tonight I knew it was going to be great to hear KISS the WORLD.
but I sure didn’t know a thing about the other bands… so… yeah…

I must admit I wasn’t really keen on leaving my house today at all.
What pushed me over was the fact that I didn’t want to miss KTW,
and second I had no good excuse to give to Phoe-Lo, friendship
commitments are important!
And lastly the Venue “Zher the Zoo” is within walking distance from my
I went!
Not really thinking a lot or expecting much.

Also biggest surprise, that Ru-chan must have sensed, because
she said to me:
Anna, you never know…
and guess what, I ‘found’ another band that was a real WOW tonight.
I want to check them out as soon as I can….
It was like seeing Kiyoharu performing with BUCK-TICK with a
Hizaki guitarist and a bassist as eye candy.

Their sound was awesome! I really liked it, and they had a slow ballad in
the end.. that was world class!

PINK SPIDER you work in mysterious ways
You can find DIE-san on twitter as @Pukapyu


A Clash at Urawa Narciss

With DIE-san outside The Club Sensation in Yokohama

This was Friday night ok guys?
Just so you can understand exactly what I’m referring to here;
This was about 48 hours ago!!! yeah ..hours!!!
This blog will however not be about this amazing musician…
It’s just a reminder of all that I have done in the past 48 hours.
From Yokohama to Shibuya and now Urawa in Saitama…
3 live gigs in 3 days…

This week has been intense, and the last days in particular!!
So when today started kind of shitty I was thinking to myself …
Of course all good things has to come to an end at some point!
You know how you start thinking:
Negativity … it’s poisoning…. it entered my mind….
…and now it’s going to be a shitty kind of day…
Not the right way to use the brain at all!

The reason was because I had lost a button on my dress.
so…. I received a package from the US,
but it was lacking in content (something I had asked to be shipped
wasn’t in there..)… annoying…
Then I had to stress, because of this incident above, I missed a train,
and at Shinjuku station I missed another one,
because I listened to people that didn’t know what the humhum I
was talking about…
I should have listened to my intuition …but I didn’t  !!

and  sure enough the‘bad day  continued….
At Urawa Narciss  浦和ナルシス  I filmed one short video,
when a live house staff came over and said :
Absolutely no cameras!!
Absolutely no to any photos or videos.
I tried to explain that I got an OK from the band, but she didn’t
understand me, nor did she probably even want to understand me!
And I did not understand her… and loud music did not help the
She came back and wanted to talk to me in the office , so back to
the office we went, but still didn’t help.
Damn!…. I should have printed the email I had from them,
or at least have it in the phone… but I didn’t.
Phoe-Lo tried to translate, but she didn’t understand them either,
and they didn’t understand her… so I just gave up….
Obviously they didn’t want to nudge and decided not to understand
Phoe-Lo because she did speak to them in Japanese.
Then I turned around to Phoe-Lo who asked me if I should ask
for Ryo-san and try to push it,
but no I felt like the world as I know it was now turning away….

then I hear Ruth’s voice in my head…
when I actually said out loud to Phoe-Lo….
but you know anything can turn around 180 degrees at any time….
Heck that ‘s why I have the tattoo I have…
It’s NOT all about death, or ending, or cannot…
—– 無常 (impermanence) —–
it is about change
equally often to the better at any given moment even when times
look grim….
Let’s see that first video or two…





DIE – this guy really captured my heart tonight…
They all did, and I felt so at home here tonight!
THANK YOU so much for that feeling everyone who was here at
The Club Sensation  in Yokohama
and DIE-san I promise I will take time to learn 日本語 (^.~)
(We had some minor issues with language barrier while sitting and
chatting after the gig)




Julafton with Pata, DIE, Michiaki and tetsu

Ra:IN – DIE, pata, michiaki and tetsu…
and now just guess…. how fun was this evening…?

FUN enough for me to say I don’t missing out on X-mas this year.
There is  part of X at least on stage 😉
Pata who also plays guitar in X Japan.
He started Ra:IN in 2002 with Michiaki and Tetsu.
DIE joined 2007.
Of course it hurts a teeeny, tiny bit to be here today…
so far away from my family in the USA and,
right now it is December 24th in Tokyo ..
and Julafton (Christmas Eve) in Sweden

I take a rocking night with this guys any day over anything
in the world!!!