KISS THE WORLD  April 21, 2012 at 八王子XYZ→A

In the end a surprise guest vocalist entered the stage. I will return to this blog and edit as soon as I have found out his name. If you know who he is, please let me know so I can rectify my shortcoming here!
The real surprise though for us the audience, was that after the encore NicoNico recorded a PV for a hide event that is coming up now in May
We all joined in singing ROCKET DIVE動画シューティング 
It took some practice which   generated tons of laughs from everyone and it was just an incredibly FUN time to be there… 
Language issues did cause a few problems for me, and even if I do know the song, I was soo lost when it became our turn to sing  LOL 

Me and Phoe-Lo  and quite a long train ride back and it didn’t help that the last train with Chuo Line from Hachioji was delayed (train delays are rare in Japan but with this exception… Saturday night last trains…)!
We made it home alright and could conclude that once again we had been to yet another incredible Live performance… Every time I feel that it cannot get better than the last one I went to and yet everytime I feel this must have been the BEST LIVE ever!
KISS the World and LOVE Life!!
Hope you all can feel the vibes  
*:・゚\(゚▽゚*) /゚・:*