The admin and business part of the Pink Spider Web

LIVE gigs are FUN… but sometimes the other side of this business has to be done too!

As some of you know, soon this blog will be part of a bigger venture:
“the Pink Spider Web”
and well it takes time and time and time… and coffee… YES, tons of COFFEE, but also a Bailey’s sometimes.
Creativity is always part of the process, even while doing administrative paper work!
The BEST coffee in Tokyo, you will find here at my favorite Café –
Coffee Crevice  in Sangubashi, Shibuya ku…

Tomorrow, May 16th, I will go and do some much needed shopping in Shimokitazawa, but then Thursday is another LIVE gig! 

Never Ending Story….  it is 6 am and I am about to eat some dinner, or is it lunch or breakfast… who knows, it’s meal time !

What is this? or.. Why is this?

Japanese friends / friends in Japan…
Any insights or clues as to what this is all about? 
I passed by it outside a private home, on my way back home .
Is it art? is it something symbolic? Never seen anything like it.
Have anyone of you?




First morning of 2012

Walking back home from Meiji shrine….
both me a Phoe-Lo were at this point rather drained after partying the whole
night, and no food since about 11 hours ago  …
and as I said my brains weren’t connected, I was all wired after meeting all
these wonderful people in Shimokitazawa ,
that I was just laughing and acting really wired… or weird… ha ha
I was just not able to be a good guide this morning <(^,^)>
Hence I totally screwed up the time with walking 1,5 rounds in Yoyogi koen
ha ha ha
and of course same thing on our way OUT from Meiji shrine area,
I just couldn’t focus, so instead of coming out on “my side” of the shrin,e
we got out on the totally opposite end ha ha
But…. we got some nice walking done this first morning of the first year
in Tokyo!



Humans vs. Loppi – a War in 3 Rounds

hide’s Birthday Party December 13th, 2011
Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan.
My ‘RAGE against the MACHINE’ or
is it the WAR of the WORLDS 

A fight in three rounds
Rounds 1, 2 and 3….

Human feeling, thinking, cursing hormone run entity
Loppi Ticket machine

or maybe … just maybe, it is for the sake of fighting for that
which we really believe in, and highly desire?!
First I went on my own, thinking, I can do this,
I can so do this now!!

I can handle anything:
Japan,  Japanese, Ticketing, Musicing, Messing with Me-ing,
because I have a creative and problem solving mind set!!
That was on Tuesday December 6th !

I put in the ticket locator number,
my ID Number and with some help from the store clerk I found
my ticket for..
ANA to Sydney….

eh WTF??
No, Sorry i told the clerk…. that is NOT mine…
so the clerk called customer service for the Loppi machine

Clerk: -You not go to Sydney?
Anna Cei: No me go to hide Birthday Party in Kawasaki!
Clerk: You not ANA?
Anna Cei: Oh, My name?  I am Anna with two N’s!
Here this is my card.
Clerk: This is not correct.
Anna Cei: My name?
Clerk: Yes
and well then it went down hill from there!

Later I realized, that maybe I had messed up my
membership number (random 10 digits) with
the ticket locator number
(another set of totally random 10 digits)

so maybe I should give it another try?


Friday night my dear, kind and compassionate friend Phoe-Lo
came all the way over to my end of town, and she went with
me to Lawson, and
NOW we were going to BEAT the SYSTEM!

Kick the machine with a digital (as in digits) whip and enter
it all and
eh wait a minute…???!!!
It cannot be a reward …
the TICKET is already PAID for!!!
Even more a reason for the machine to cooperate,
and do what machines always should:

It worked wonders until we came to this screen:



Well this photo is taken today so you get the idea….
the depressing idea….
because since I took the photo above today,
it means we  FAILED!!!!

What it says in Japanese on the screen is:
Please enter the correct number at the time of the reservation.

We tried all kinds of 4 digit (PIN) CODES…
Phoe-Lo asked me nicely if I indeed could remember giving them
a code when signing up, but no and in this particular part of
my life:
The concert tickets, airline tickets, travel stuff and hide part,
I happen to be utterly organized.
save everything from screen receipts like reservations,
itineraries, membership numbers etc etc. most often as a PDF,
but sometimes also as a txt note.
and I was sure there was none.

I got home MAD, but still with my thinking capacity….
after all….
I am human!
Then it dawned on me, when looking through all documents I had regarding the Loppi system….
DUH!!!  it must be my last 4 digits of my Credit Card that I
used as a sign-up ID !
We conversed about this over email and chat, Phoe-Lo and I,
and YES DUH!! of course that must be it…..

Hence we decided, she would take some of her valuable time
and go with me to a Lawson near where she lives
(which was where I had intended to start my walk today anyway)
and so we met up!
Then this screen above came up and ha ha ha
we were so going to BEAT the machine…….. or NOT!!!!! 

I wonder what the store clerk or other customers where thinking.
Gaijins – A very tall good looking woman, and a short one with
hot pink hair both looking wicked mad and angry,
and obviously cursing in alien languages.
In fact it was Russian and Swedish but hey….
Alien is COOL!

Luckily for me Phoe-Lo has a lot of stamina, and was determined
to win over the machine.
I was already going over my mental Rolodex, who do I know
who is bilingual and in Tokyo, and who would be kind enough
to understand just how desperately I want that ticket…..
a ticket I already had bought and paid for!
Then after counting…. ZERO fingers…  = Zero people,
I was ready to give up!
Go home and cry,  and spend the whole evening of December 13th
camping at the cemetery instead of rocking at the Birthday Party….

Luckily not every one uses heuristic methodology and suddenly
I hear Phoe-Lo go:
YAY!!!!    I FOUND IT!!
She had in the email (saved by me as a PDF document) from
the Loppi ticket system  found a tiny little box,
in a table somewhere, with 4 digits
for some reason (probably just as a laugh from the machine)
the digits were 1964 … WOAH …hide’s year of birth!!
The one number we did not try by random…..

We WON over the machine and I NOW have the TICKET!!!

hide  I LOVE YOU

Phoe-Lo – You are the best for not giving up!
Good LUCK on your exam tomorrow!

TICKET MACHINE – EFF U! I will be back for more….

Oh and some trivia… did you know Lawson was actually founded in
OHIO, USA of all places?
In 1939, a dairy owner named James “J.J.” Lawson started a store
at his Broad Boulevard dairy plant in Cuyahoga Falls, near Akron, Ohio,
to sell his milk.
Also quite intriguing history with a legal case.
“…company’s policy of selling pornography subjected her to sexual
and religious harassment.The court case, Stanley v. Lawson Co.,
gained fame as a test of
the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.”
Lawson’s Japanese history started 1974.
“In 1974, Consolidated signed a formal agreement with Daiei to
open the first Lawson stores in Japan. On April 15, 1975
Daiei Lawson Co., Ltd. was established as a wholly owned
subsidiary of Daiei, Inc., a retail company which also ran
a supermarket chain. The first store opened in Sakurazuka,
Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture in June 1975.
In September 1979 the official name was changed to
Lawson Japan, Inc.. The Mitsubishi Corporation became the
main shareholder in 2001.”
and returning to USA via Hawaii
With the establishment of “Lawson USA Hawaii, Inc.”
Lawson returned to the U.S. market, with two locations in Honolulu
opening on July 7, 2012. One of the stores is in the
Sheraton Waikiki,
while the other is in the Moana Hotel.”
You can read more about this at wikipedia LOL