The trio hanafugetsu

Now something totally different…
The trio hanafugetsu 

Because of my interest in a Japanese Rock band “HeavensDust” I am following a few of their members on twitter. And this is how it goes…
HeavensDust is an amazing band in that they incorporate traditional instruments in their otherwise very contemporary music.
Taiko drums (Ajo) and the Shakuhachi (Daisuke)

Two of the members in HeavensDust play in the trio called hanafugetsu but here in the trio
衣袋聖志  Kiyoshi Ibukuro (who plays Bass in HeavensDust) plays the 箏 Koto

Koto is a traditional Japanese string instrument and you can read more about it here
or google it …
and of course watch the video in this blog

and Daisuke plays the Shakuhachi in both groups.
Here is a resourceful site about the shakuhachi

Isn’t this just DIVINE Music??

I am soooo grateful to all things that I get to experience here in Japan, and to the people who go with me and help me.
This time special gratitude goes to Kubota Nao who works at Sakura House here in Tokyo. She is very customer service oriented person, and does an excellent job at Sakura House. If you ever come to Tokyo and need a place to stay, she and the Sakura House staff is highly recommended by me!

Kubota-san and I are now friends, and she was kind to come along and help translating the Shakuhachi presentation held by Daisuke Kaminaga, as well as having fun trying to make sounds in this very difficult instrument. It was an awesome evening indeed!

Good Bye Tokyo! See you soon again!

Good bye Tokyo …. This post will be blogged from my phone while in bed the last night
in my Sangubashi apartment.
It’s painful.
I’m not sad or depressed, at least not yet, but it hurts!
Most likely the pain will become tears later on, maybe on the airplane on Monday night..
But I know I will be back here soon and maybe one day will come when I don’t have to
do this back and forth travel, but instead travel when I think it’s a good time to do so,
and have a more permanent situation in Japan.
One day at a time though.
Yesterday me and Phoe-lo went to Shimokitazawa and to my favorite bar there – Duke.
They have the sweetest DJ,  who has his long hair tied up in a ponytail and he plays
classic rock from vinyls.
I love shimokitazawa!
It has a relaxed, cool and ambient atmosphere, like a laid back and less anxious Shibuya. Less people and less tourists. It’s a very music, artsy kind of place in Tokyo.
On the schedule today was cleaning and packing everything up.
After scrubbing the bath tub, we took a break and went to Anea cafe across the street
from my apartment. For some odd and unknown reason I have never been there during
my five months in this apartment, and well we were up to two surprises:
First of all as you can see in the photo they also accept canine guests, and each dog immediately gets a bowl of water and a basket to rest in if they want one.
Also in the menu there’s a section with dishes especially designed for the dogs.
The second surprise was that they have free wifi, something extremely rare in Tokyo and
the only other place I know of that has that is a Seattle coffee place near Shinjuku station.
Was a tad annoying to discover this my very last day in Sangubashi. Then again yet
another plus for choosing this place again when I’m back;
if they have any availability that is.


Saved by the Chocolates


These saved me today!!

I sat up last night editing tons of images and trimming videos, from the past days.
It’s been an immense power usage since Thursday it was bound to happen….
I kind of knew that I can not use up all my sparkling credit at once without consequences.
That’s probably why I stayed up, and at least went through it all
before going to bed early this morning.
When I woke up around noon, I was very very weak, and I knew I had a fever.
My whole body aching, my nasal airways totally blocked and chest pains.
Luckily I really don’t get sick often, but when it does hit me I get very sick.
Shivering and shaking I lay in bed and realized I started to become very hungry.
Nothing at home to eat. I sat up in bed trying to muster enough energy to
make a cup of tea.
DIZZY!   No can do!!
so I laid back down…. now thinking how I should go about this;
if couldn’t even stand up. I definitely need to drink at least.
Then I remembered the chocolates we got at Club Sensation.
It was really funky gift forwarding swapping situation late at night. I sat up in bed
and managed to get over to the chocolates, thinking that it would raise my
blood sugar enough so I could have enough energy to make tea.
I ate a piece of these lovely chocolates…
….AND YES…..
it worked!!!
⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
From there I could move on over to my stove and I did brew tea.
Then exhausted I lay down fell back to sleep for another 20 minutes or so
and when I woke up the tea was perfect drinking temperature.
After some tea I felt better and now the big challenge came… to get some food.
I managed to get dressed, ate another piece of chocolate and hoped I wouldn’t
faint coming back up the stairs.
Why did I think living on the 4th floor was such a brilliant idea?  ha ha ha
I actually love this apartment, the location and the views are to die for, but
oh well, today was not a day when getting back up to the fourth floor without
an elevator was such a good thing.
I really dont know how I did it, but I did come back with a meal from
the コンビニ (convenience store)  in this case 7-eleven.
so thanks to the chocolates I got energy enough to make it and later was able to
get full, and after the meal I got some energy back and now I hope I can do a
massive Vagu*Project blog video upload with passion !!
After yesterday I love these guys even more!
I love rock and music in Japan even more, and I am so happy that hide
shows the path!




from Soba to Party

…from toshikoshi soba 年越し蕎麦  ..
New year Soba Noodles
…to partying WITH hide!!!

Wow this must have been the Best New Year’s Night ever….
Probably because of two thing, I did not intend to party
and because I totally let go of the idea that I shouldn’t party,
and instead decided just lived in every moment of this night!
Second, because me and Phoe-Lo did something totally wild,
and in the spurt of the moment at ten o’clock we decided to go
to Shimokitazawa ( we were then sitting at Sakura House Café,
Ikebukuro eating the toshikoshi soba).
I still don’t know what happened, or why, but suddenly Phoe-Lo
looked at me, and I at her, and she suddenly said:
Anna, we can be in Shimokitazawa in 20 minutes … let’s do it!
So we took off…. just like that….
I’m sure the people at Sakura cafe had a great night, but it was just
not our crowd this night, we had to just do what I had done all
of 2011, and just jump straight out and do something crazy….
Neither one of us had partied in Shimokitazawa before.
I have been on my way sooo many times, but it just never happened
for this or that reason.
I have been there in daylight, but not for a night quite like this
one…..then again don’t think I have had a night quite like this one,
in a very looooong time….




Yamitsuki Ticket

The Yamitsuki ticket delivered to my door!

Love Tokyo’s delivery service!!
 I just decided a few days ago, to go and check out Yamitsuki
on December 24th.
And taaaadaaa here is the ticket at my door today!
Nice envelop too Yamitsuki!
Japan knows how to put quality into everything!!
so December 24th too…. yeah…
Why not fill the whole week with live gigs while at it? ha ha

Yesterday I went to a LIVE with ‘fade’  at “WWW”, a venue in Shibuya.
The whole arrangement was very well organized, and sincere thanks to
Mr. Sato and Ms. Shin for paying such care and service at WWW

Tonight I’m going to meet a Swedish friend, and translator here in Tokyo.
Because my involvement with all kinds of projects are increasing at
rocket speed, I’m now in dire need of a translator for some interviews
and interactions with people.
Some very hectic days are coming up in a row, and I’m already on this
busy streak. Monday (12-19) was the Sakura House party
and after the party I went out with some new friends I made at the party!
Yesterday was ‘fade’ with Phoe-Lo, and the new Italian friend, Mauro,
met up with us after for some eating, and very nutritious social times.
Really wonderful to hang out together as he is very creative,
and full of inspiration and ideas! 

Tomorrow I will meet with lovely Hiroko-san,  and I really appreciate
her taking time from her busy schedule to see me here in Shibuya
before we go and see
★ ★ ★ Sugizo ★ ★ ★ at Zepp Tokyo!
so good times every day (and night)!

See I am really in paradise, so please do NOT pinch me.
I do not wish to come out of this matrix!

Friday (12-23) is DIE-san’s X-mas party at the Club Sensation,
(Hinodecho) Yokohama
with CUTT and Pata and Michiaki.

Then the above Yamitsuki Live on Saturday /Christmas Eve
and  of course…… Sunday 12-25 at Urawa Narciss…
my beloved
♡  Vagu*Project 
So as you can understand the time available to blog will be very
limited. Sorry about that 😉
I will do my best! Promise!

Also if anyone is interested in CDs by Vagu*Project,
I will be able to get some for you on Sunday!
So email me if you are interested, and I can ship them to you
anywhere in the world (that the Postal Service snail mail has service to).
Email as always is thepinkspiderweb at gmail dot com

NOW i’m outta here and onto a train on the Odakyu line
See you later!