赤坂BLITZ  Stylish Wave Generation Vol. 2 , May 13th, 2012

YES, I am working on the blog from last night…but

starting a little backwards (as I tend to do sometimes) After the Visual Kei Live
with the great line up of
Penicillin, DNR (from Italy), Royz, 
葵 & 涼平, ギルガメッシュ (Girugamesh)
and Alice Nine
Phoe-Lo and I went to  take the Tokyo Metro home.
And just like after VRock fest at Saitama and after many other bigger concerts, you see band members handing out flyers to the departing audience. This audience is also their own target…

I’m always impressed by bands who are out there themselves, putting their name out, doing the leg work, and last night outside BLITZ in the Tokyo metro were band members from 2 bands handing out flyers.

I will try to go to their lives.
‘Naine’ has a few clips on their website that sounds ok,
and I liked what I just listened to on Youtube by ‘Triggah’, ..

for ex

I just think this shows dedication and passion for what they do, plus I think it’s a smart way of marketing. At Lives in Live houses you get drowned by posters and flyers all bundled up in a big giant pile that don’t even fit in my quite big purse (Which in itself is a pain to carry around ha ha )
and I would probably be able to fill a whole closet with flyers by now…

Same at BLITZ  last night, got a big plastic bags with flyers and stuff… and honestly I rarely go through it ALL, but meeting someone like this,
handing out their own stuff.. I definitely take time and look at it! 

May 26th ‘Triggah’ at 池袋 EDGE
and ‘Naine’ May 21st coincidently at the same place
Might not be able to do both (Monday 21st might be a little tricky schedule wise)
but I will try.
If anyone of you know more about any of them please let me know…



The ‘Pin Video’

Ryo-san’s Pin on Video … Vagu*Project



Ryo’s Pin

Ryo-san’s (Vagu*Project) Pin – Ruido K4 Jan 31, 2012

This is a special blog for ‘the Priestess’ (avid PSW blog reader)  in the US,
who wondered about Ryo’s pin.
Well here it is and I know it’s hard to see, but on the second photo Ryo actually held up
his hands and formed a heart around it.
It is from Tokyo Disneyland and he didn’t say much more about it when we asked
about its history, or reason that he wears it, but repeated that it was from Disneyland.

Next video up explains the reason to the two photos…. LOL
You can see it is actually one pin, and one pin only that lights up sometimes.
‘The Priestess’ a.k.a. Lee, is one of Vagu*Project’s dedicated fans outside of Japan.
For more about Vagu*Project International Road workers please see:


Cheers for Good Work

Z.O.  at Urawa Narciss – 浦和ナルシス  1-22-12

last one with the Z.O.  drummer and bassist
Now look at this drummer  ゆーぃち is really all into it, and he is is working it !
Gotta give cheers for hard and good work this night!
Think he should try to find a better band, more at the same level of skill.
Band dynamics… tricky topic!




Yuichi (ゆーぃち) Drummer

Z.O.’s Drummer ゆーぃち in focus Jan 22 2012 at 浦和ナルシス

NO this is not the BEST video ever, it’s rather lousy actually sorry

but I wanted to catch the drummer for a reason that goes beyond this blog so
sorry people – deal  with it ha ha ha

If anyone knows more about this drummer, or his earlier band TOON FACTORY,
please let me know.
I actually like the bassist a lot too.
And Yes, I hate when people pick out one or two people in a band, but here it is a fact.
The two of them were at least one level above the rest of the band,
with the sad consequence that the band didn’t sound very homogenous, and of course
that meant that they weren’t that good..
The singer was decent, or maybe not… there was just something that wasn’t
really convincing.

Probably their biggest issue for them, was not them  at all, but the fact that they
played right after 3 good bands this evening:
lix, Vagu*Project and Rubik