Yesterday I posted a short video with a tunnel.
I’m quite fascinated by tunnels as a metaphor for transformation,
transgression, change, and  …. life

Tunnels can be dark and murky, and we talk about seeing the light
at the end of the tunnel.
Those tunnels can be scary, and we hope, and often believe,
that the coming out of the tunnel we will be free, happy and content.

Sometimes the tunnel is like the one in the blog post below,
It’s not dark at all….
bright and illuminated,
but still a place that takes us from one ‘reality’ to another.
The walking in a tunnel is a walk with an aim,
you don’t want to stay in that place forever.
The goal is really to get out of there.
You just have to get going…
In September 2011 I was in such a  bright kind of tunnel.

I was really happy. I was at Inazuma Rock Fes
On stage were great bands like:
Def Tech, Dragon Ash, Abingdon Boys School, and Gazette
Yet at the end of one of my blog entries from that week end I had written:

Do I have one?
I believe I do!
I just need to find it.

Eventually later that year I did find my purpose.
My mission met my passion.
The music in Japan and the live scene.
Somehow I was out of the bright tunnel and had found my path.

And once out I met tons of amazing people!
Tetsu great drummer (for ex. mintmints, ex. Ra:IN)  here a night
when we had drinks together at his bar Boogie Stock in Shin-Daita.

Going to live gigs I met some amazing people,
often one contact introduced me to another,
and got to know, and work with, many Japanese musicians up close.
One such band was Vorchaos.
We discussed strategies for bands in general, and for them in particular,
how to make it in this new global world.
I’m so happy they still play together and keep on going!

and time went on .. I wasn’t in a tunnel.
I was on a path! Out and about!
I had direction and purpose.
When you are on a path you don’t contemplate much.
There isn’t the same feeling present, as there is when you are in a tunnel.
You don’t search for the light at the end.
You just enjoy the ride.

With Derinjar at Chelsea Hotel  about 2 years ago.

And I sure enjoyed everything!

Now I am back in a tunnel… but another kind of tunnel.
This one is almost pitch black. Or it has been….
I’m beginning to see the light,
I’m going through change,
and I’m using the contemplative nature of being in a tunnel,
to think about what will be on the other side.
Often we just don’t know what will come…

What has happened … during my time on the path,
is that somewhere along the road,
I started listening to how other people thought I should act.
Where I should put my time.
How I should do things
How I should prioritize my time..

But now ….in the middle of the dark tunnel….
I woke up…
and Im back at a mental place where I am more in charge.
And I’m being creative.
I might not at all know what will come at the other end,
but I know this much..
there is an end also to this tunnel!

“This is my life,
my story,
my book,
and I will no longer let anyone else write it.
nor will I apologize for the edits I make”
Steve Maraboli




Forward thru Rewinding

Looking forward thru some rewinding……….


It is September…. finally!!


This summer has been as slow as the last one when it comes to the blog. Looking at it from the bright side, that (the slowness that is) should then change pretty soon.  

A FUN filled fall is planned and will soon be here
My concert and gig calendar is filled, and even over-saturated. There are many times this fall when I will have to choose between several gigs going on at the same time at different places.
Unfortunately cloning is, as of yet, not a possibility

People often talk about different super powers such as: teleporting and time travel. My biggest wish would be a temporary cloning. So I could go see two (or more) gigs at different locations, at the same time. That power seems however, even more remote than teleporting  à la“beam me down the Star Trek way”.

OK So what’s coming up?

Well first of all I’m still in Europe. In Sweden as a matter of fact. There hasn’t been tons of Live music over the summer either. As a matter of fact I have only been to two gigs these past two months. Once for Seremedy Live at Fryshuset and their release of their debut album:
“Welcome to our MADNESS”.
More about them on their website – http://www.seremedy.com/
or their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seremedy


Then under the blue moon, the very last night in August I went to KGB bar in Stockholm to see INORAN.


So the header said let’s rewind….

let’s go back a year… this is what met me then a year ago!
Welcome to Japan….

First time I had great help from my friend Shingo-san
He showed me everything there is to see in Tokyo as well as taught me a lot about Japanese culture and the Japanese mindset, primarily from his own perspective.
He also tagged along to a special night… anight that came to be a turning point for my time in Japan in many ways: the Live at Urawa Narciss with Seremedy


It was of course a wonderful thing to see Swedish guys being so brave as to perform here in Japan, but what really turned my personal path around that night was the band that performed right after Seremedy….

….. to be continued in a moment….



Kenichi Ito 伊藤賢

Kenichi Ito 伊藤賢一 at The Club Sensation in Yokohama May 27th, 2012

ڿڰۣ(̆̃̃  (̆̃̃ڿڰۣ

Kenichi Ito’s  acoustic Live Solitude 4  performance was very good and a pleasant surprise, after all it was at Club Sensation. Sound and environment impeccable!
I felt that he had charisma and a very radiating smile. He almost sucked me in more to his persona, than to the music he played ha ha ha
Maybe not something I usually listen to, but the melodies were catchy and the acoustic guitar is always a pleasant sound to my ear drums, an instrument he sure knows how to handle!
I definitely would like to see him again.
This night Club Sensation was filled with his fan club, and I think it was only me and my friend Miles and the staff at the Club Sensation who were not members. The fan club girls (yes 90%+ were girls) were cute and many of them wearing copies of his jewelry (especially a hand cuff bracelet) .

Overall I have been having some troubles finding any more recent information about him (except for the schedule and what I found last fm) . His FC is named something like “Glimmer” but so far I haven’t been able to locate them online…
Well hopefully he comes back to The Club Sensation or elsewhere here in the Greater Tokyo area in the fall, so I can get a second Live listening….

ڿڰۣ(̆̃̃  (̆̃̃ڿڰۣ

Kenichi Ito was a former member of the Japanese elctronica/pop rock band “Iceman”. Founded in June 1996 and was consisting of Kenichi Ito (guitar), Daisuke Asakura (keyboards) and and Michihiro Kuroda (vocals).

And this is some more background information I got from Last FM:

“Kenichi Ito (K.ITO 伊藤賢一) has participated in Iceman (his debut band), The Seeker, and Mad Soldiers along Daisuke Asakura’s side. He also worked with T.M.Revolution, Yuki Kimura, and Pool Bit Boys using the name Kogen Odagiri (also with Asakura).

A bit after he went solo, he broke away from Asakura completely (leaving Asakura extremely hurt) and started his own producing company, SEXX (Sound EXtreme X), which produced Endorphin Machine until his lead singer, Yohei Izumi, quit due to some scheduling conflicts. He is currently producing his own solo work with SEXX.

He is a founding member of the band “SCARECROW” with former Iceman bandmate MICHIHIRO KURODA/黒田倫弘. They have released two albums together before working on their solo projects in 2010.”

His information and schedule (which is up to date) can be found here:

His web site, which includes more of his biography, but doesn’t look updated since a couple of years:


“Free Style Jam♯6″ at Club Sensation

Video with Kyoji Yamamoto @KyojiTWJ,  Michiaki and Grico

the awesome “Free Style Jam♯6″ at Club Sensation May 5, 2012

♡ these guys….

More video and photos up tomorrow (read ‘soon’ as it depends on your time zone whether it will actually be later today or tomorrow… or whatever ha ha ha)

Kyoji Yamamoto 山本恭司

Kyoji Yamamoto @KyojiTWJ – 山本恭司 at Club Sensation May 5th

There are gigs and there are GIGS!!!
As much as I love Vagu*Project !!,
and as much as really enjoyed the creativity at Urga, and the experimental nature and “breaking rules” for what we generally consider being music with Chitsukkeeiirrenn ….
when it comes to music few have managed to get me so moved as Kyoji-san playing guitar and singing….

Kyoji Yamamoto
 made life break the “100% good life barrier” by his divine guitar playing and a voice the filled the musical universe and everyone’s heart at Club Sensation 
Add to that Michiakion bass and Grico on drums… and well you just cannot get a more perfect night than this… 
… actually there is the absolutely perfect sound, their charismatic and contagious smiles… All 3 ‘on stage’ seemed so HAPPY … which in turn made a very happy audience …and then there was the FULL MOON,
and sweet professional staff at Club Sensation as well… so PERFECTION in all the freedom of a jam of this kind
As CUTT-san said last week (see blog below)… “break the barriers” …. this sure breaks down all walls between cultures, languages and places.
This is what life is about when it is at its very very BEST!
Divine orgasmic kind of MUSIC that’s speaks directly to the HEART without passing any filters….
More photos from this AWESOME Saturday at Club Sensation will be up tomorrow…

and sorry about a chronologically messed up blog…

The blog below was from the LIVE on Wednseday and then Vagu*Project, Aresz and Back Fire was actually on Friday and now this one with Kyoji-san was at Club Sensation Saturday night….