Since the Pink Spider Web now operates from the USA,
we will increase the reporting from the American continent.
We will still keep a close look on Japan and Japanese artists though.
Next month is SXSW and we hope to be able to conduct interviews with both
Japanese and Swedish artists, as well as local Austin musicians.
SXSW is also an industry mecca with key note speakers covering topics of
high interest for the Pink Spider Web:
How will the future for the industry look like?
Will the vinyl hype last?
What is the next streaming news?
And how did the Slants overcome the cross-cultural challenges?
Our Japanese artists list is under complete reconstruction, but we hope to have
all links working within a few weeks.
Take a look at
and for the Japanese list (including SXSW participants from Japan):
In Japan we have monitored and followed the punk band PUNiK so logic has it we now have contact with their American tour partners:
The Elected Officials.
The Elected Officials  (Austin, TX and NM) have been touring together with legendary American punk band MDC (Millions of Dead Cops), so also this spring.
Both MDC and The Elected Officials couple their tours with political themes.
In the fall of 2018 they appealed to their audience to go vote and helped with registrations for the November election.
This spring their slogan is “Truth to Power”
In true punk tradition they speak up with their messages such as ending school shootings,
Besides the US West Coast tour, the Elected Officials also plan to tour other parts of the world again to strengthen their global fanbase. They are well traveled already and have toured both Europe and Asia in the past.
MDC has plans on tours in Asia in June with performances in Japan, China and Thailand.
But first the upcoming tour
MDC, Verbal Abuse and the Elected Officials:




2019 – Global music reporting with a new epicenter

2019 has started with a BANG! 
We have reclocated to a musical capitol in the world: Austin.
The Elected Officials Austin
The Elected Officals video shoot in Austin

However, you probably won’t find us sitting still here in Austin too often.
Goal is to really be out and about.
It is true that musicians from all over the world are coming here,
and there are tons of good music already IN this town,
but we will also go places, both within the US, and abroad, to report about how
music aids in positive change, produces community,
and creates value
for people.
Now when focus is broadend, some of you might fear that we won’t keep in touch
with the Japanese scene. Fear not, several trips are planned for Japan,
and we have started a new feature here on the Pink Spider Web:
an artist catalogue.
This will take time to develop, so pleace be patient while we will be publishing
this a little at the time.  Goal is to have a page for each of the bands we have seen,
heard about, are about to see, or is the talk of the town.
Artists lists will be listed in catoegories:
Japanese artists, Swedish artists, American (USA) artists and the rest of
the world.
Punk is one of many categories we will cover.

The last category will be broken up, and new catoegories coming as we travel
the world and expand our ‘roster’. Next in line is breaking out for example
UK artists, Italian artists, Russian artist etc.
New collaborations are also in the making. We are currently networking
with other journalists, labels, bookers, venues and of course artists
all around the globe.
So even if you came here primarily for your interest in Japan and Japanese artists,
don’t worry, we will still keep a close tab on happenings in Japan,
but you will also have more inside stories, news, and find artists from
other places in the world! Think of it like a BONUS!
Many have asked us why we don’t focus on a special genre, like punk, or metal,
or shoegaze, or ska, or….., or……, or……
This is a good and valid question.
However, since this site started as a site for Japanese music and especially for
Visual Kei music coming out of Japan, and then ventured out to include
all kinds of music within Japan, it is only natural we maintain that broad vision.
That said, we will pick and choose what we find interesting, our preferences f
or what we like to listen to, and hoping to ignite your interest and passion,
for all the artists we showcase.
2018 was a year of many transitions.
2019 will be a year of new launches for us, expansions both on and off the site,
new gigs, new adventures, like SXSW, international scopes, international travels
and most of all tons of MUSIC!
Let’s ROCK this year!!

More to come soon
// Anna



A Short Memory Lane

Shinya (previously known as Tokarev / トカレフ)

YuI on Guitar and Vocals

Ryo on bass


Another one with Shinya

Vagu*Project revisited

Tonight I have spent many many hours going through all the Vagu*Project photos for
a special purpose that I will reveal shortly…
Just want to share some of these photos with you tonight for a trip down, the relatively
short memory lane… Since October 28th of last year




The ‘Pin Video’

Ryo-san’s Pin on Video … Vagu*Project



Ryo’s Pin

Ryo-san’s (Vagu*Project) Pin – Ruido K4 Jan 31, 2012

This is a special blog for ‘the Priestess’ (avid PSW blog reader)  in the US,
who wondered about Ryo’s pin.
Well here it is and I know it’s hard to see, but on the second photo Ryo actually held up
his hands and formed a heart around it.
It is from Tokyo Disneyland and he didn’t say much more about it when we asked
about its history, or reason that he wears it, but repeated that it was from Disneyland.

Next video up explains the reason to the two photos…. LOL
You can see it is actually one pin, and one pin only that lights up sometimes.
‘The Priestess’ a.k.a. Lee, is one of Vagu*Project’s dedicated fans outside of Japan.
For more about Vagu*Project International Road workers please see: