Vagu*Project – Celebrating Shinya’s Birthday

Vagu*Project – Celebrating Shinya’s Birthday on stage at 大塚Hearts+

Gotta LOVE these guys for radiating so much love, passion and LIFE to the audience through their music and entertainment….
They are NATURAL BORN Stage pros !!!
Video is however shaky in the beginning and at times… sorry but its partially due to me laughing and smiling and being all happy….

I Passed Otsuka Red Zone

Jenziih Birthday Dec. 6, 2011

Also wanted to let you know Jenziih, that I came think about you guys
when I passed this poster at Ootsuka Red Zone last week.
I went to see Vagu*Project , the band who were up after you on Narciss
that evening Oct 28th.
I hope you will be back in Tokyo soon!
If nothing else I will see you in Sweden some time 2012!!

Ōtsuka Red Zone is no more.
October 2012 Hearts took over
it is now renovated and ran as a
Otsuka Hearts+




Interview after the gig

Bassist Ryo Crazy Boy Vagu*Project ,
in an interview with the MC before the next band comes up.



YuI talking

Vagu*Project  ♡

Actually Im pretty clueless to what is being said…
but I SMILE every time I see this little video
when Ryo the bassist stands there, and then suddenly
starts singing softly…

The thing with this band is they are all awesome. It’s not just
the vocalist who is super professional, has total control of
the stage and eye contact with every person in the audience!
It is not just Crazy Boy Ryo’s personality, or the support guitarist
Shinya…. all of them are DAMN good at being on stage…..
and entertain the audience… the GIVE from their hearts!


Seremedy gave me Vagu*Project

♡ ♡ ♡

Vagu*project  at Ōtsuka Red Zone

I fell in love with these guys at Narciss in October, and now I was
finally about to see them again!
I must admit I was a tad concerned that I was somehow delusional!
That maybe the night back at 浦和NARCISS October 28th wasn’t
quite as good as I remembered it..
That I had a twisted memory because all the other fun that night.
(You can go backwards in this blog and find more about it)
Maybe I was somehow so HAPPY that evening that I misjudged
Vagu*Project, or that everything else was so crappy, that they
came across as so wonderful, because it was all relative?!
Nah ,the latter I know for sure wasn’t true, because Seremedy
had just finished playing before them, and Seremedy are not crap,
they are pretty darn good!

BUT still… It was only one LIVE ,and I have not heard them since.
and what better way to find out than to go and take a second lstening?

So here we are; here’s the door to Ōtsuka RED ZONE….
and for you who know a little bit about the Tokyo geography,
It’s not far from the Ōsuka Station on the Yamanote line. Otsuka station
is the next one after Ikebukuro going clockwise around.
It took me about 20 minutes to get door to door, so once again I
LOVE that I live so close to everything!!