A Pink Web on our way to the Meiji Shrine

a Pink Spider Web…
on our way to Meiji Shrine just after we left the party
A…. spider web…. they are always there on occasions like these….
We had talked about hide the whole night,
we had his photo in between us when we were drinking at the bar,
so there I am walking, more than a little bit tipsy, around and around in Yoyogi koen to sober up a bit before going in to the shrine….
when I look up and saw this.
The wee hours of 2012, just before the sunrise…






The People, The LOVE, The Party, The Music

Music of all sorts this New Year’s eve in shimokitazawa…
Had soooo much FUN!!
Thank you everyone for all the LOVE.
After a night like this, I really believe in mankind (again)…maybe… LOL



Street Party

New Year’s eve in Shimokitazawa
Celebrating the beginning of 2012
We just stumbled upon this party,
or rather some people who invited us “in”
Wonderful people, soooooo FUN!!
The majority of the party participants were drummers.
So Yeah The party had a good beat!

Video: The drummer now with drums
(not the garbage bin) ha ha ha

hide meets the South West

When you take hide with you out, and let him take the lead
on a New Year’s Eve…
you are in for a treat… so far the evening almost looked too calm…
but we took it easy, took our time, and chilled….
and the awesome DJ played the right kind of music after he had
chatted with us for a little bit (^.~)

Not knowing Japanese can be tough sometimes, but having hide on
the table while drinking in Japan, solves any kind of possible language
barriers…. ha ha ha
Funny enough though, the last I saw of 2011, were these walls
with Route 66 and the bathroom even had a dream catcher on the wall…
Here I was on the other side of the world, closing 2011 as the year
with my leap from USA… the South West…sitting in a bar in Tokyo
looking straight at a Rt 66 road sign… oh the irony