Packing Preparations

Still empty, but not for long! It’s time for departure in 6 days, so by this time next week
this bag will contain all my essentials, and be checked in and on its way!
I have tried to watch videos and weather reports from Japan, in order to pack as
optimal as possible: everything I need BUT nothing I don’t !
Here at home it has been heating up and yesterday afternoon was in the low
90s F / around +30-32 C.
Biggest difference will be humidity, as the dessert here in New Mexico has hardly
received any precipitation at all this year. I still recall the trip to Vanuatu (South Pacific)
last year when nothing dried EVER! Well, I think the humidity, even if a lot less in Japan
compared to Vanuatu, will do my skin and body well!
Now assignments to finish before the FUN can commence!