I can feel the kiss

I recorded this video clip in Vanuatu 2010. The true beginning…as every day is a beginning. I just wasn’t aware […]

How about….

OK so how about sharing joy? Great! Sharing fun? Wonderful! How about Sharing accountability? … Sharing responsibility? … Sharing chores? […]

Vagu*Project a year ago….

Vagu*Project  A year ago there was still no information in English about them to be found anywhere. After the October […]

Wonderful Performance

My Beloved Vagu*Project pulled yet another wonderful performance tonight Oct 21, 2012 at Shinjuku Wild Side ! Dear Vagu*Project: YuI-san, Ryo-san […]

Vagu*Project LOVE

Vagu*Project’s BEST LIve… (that I have been at) ever!! My heart is so full with feelings and thoughts that I […]