Lunacy – Today is Today










Vagu*Project ….TOMORROW…. 明日

but first TODAY … 今日

A thinking day…..

A walking day….

and I walked for a long time!
Makes me a little annoyed at myself that I don’t even have all the
photos up from my last walk Wednesday December 7
That Wednesday, I walked  from home in Sangubashi to Shinagawa
station. A distance of  8.4km/5.2 miles,  if you walk straightest possible,
which I certainly did not)

The major topic in my mind while I walked –
What am I doing with my TIME?
 and am I doing what I ought to be doing
with it?…. what is ‘ought to’ anyway?

Second topic was a regarding olfactory input…
which topic is more complex?
OK so I walked also today.
My intention was to get up early and use the time, so that I would
walk in daylight.

Now with ‘early’ I might not mean same ‘early’ as some of you do,
but I was hoping for a 10:30 am, or possibly 11 am shower and breakfast,
and then head up to Ueno Station around noon for a war with
the ticket machine (that I was determined to win together with
my ally Phoe-Lo)!!
Then walk back home for a decent return time around 16:00 o’clock (4PM)

Well that did not go all that well ha ha ha
bit I do commend myself for good intentions ha ha
Last night was a lunar eclipse, and as the lunatic I am,  I was up,
and actually I did go to bed around 3 AM , still with good intentions,
but for the first time in a very long time I could not sleep.
My mind was wired, and wide awake!!
I did not drink coffee late, not even Red Bull!
I wasn’t worrying, and I could breathe just fine, so no asthma attack either.
My pulse was even regular (decent behaving heart…
and I wasn’t having a lot of thoughts… but still..
…just lay there staring up at the ceiling (or where I thought the ceiling
might be… couldn’t really see much in the darkness) …
Usually I just say “Good Night Dear” to myself, turn off the light,
close my eyes, and sleep within seconds…. or less….
but not last night…..

Update written 2017:
Ever since I came to Japan it seems that I have become increasingly
by the moon, and more often than not, I cannot sleep much
during full moon.
A day or so before until a day or so after peak time, I’m just wired.
Often I’m not aware of the lunar cycle, well not always anyway, until
I start having issues with falling asleep and often also cry.




Walking Southbound on the West side of Yoyogi Park

……When we are KIDS  I think we are so totally absorbed with
the moment that we are somehow on auto-pilot and for
everything and everyone else, besides ourselves, there are ‘the others’
whether it be parents, siblings, friends, or just the general unidentified
crowd of others






Trees are there showing you TIME so you can measure it,
holding on to something that seems PERMANENT…
you know like seasons! ha ha ha ever changing yet permanent.


Leaves turning YELLOW and RED…

Phew it’s such a relief that after the leaves fall off, there will be a winter,
and when that is gone and done with,
the SPRING and SAKURA will blossom again...

HOPE arises that nothing is in fact wrong,
That my LOVE and my LIFE is REAL, and  my feelings,
as long as they are good and supportive,
are REAL too,
just as I am and my life is…
as I am real, and Oh yes, of course, I will LIVE forever,


and damn it, to prove to you that it is real,
I take my kids to school,
I call my mother,
I take showers and brush my teeth,
I eat my lunch,
I go to work, so I can buy some good wine later this week, and enjoy that dinner and

that ECSTATIC moment that I yearn for EVERY DAY of my LIFE……

On Odakyu Line

Me on the train back home…
Actually Yamanote line was way more crowded.
This is the very short trip from Shinjuku station home on Odakyu line.

A little tired and DEAF ha ha  but so HAPPY ♡….
I was able to see them LIVE again !!
Life is full of miracles.
Finding a needle, I mean a band, in TOKYO was tough,
but STAMINA and determination paid off!

Visual Turbulence

Crazy Boy Ryo on Bass

Talk about VISUAL KEI…..
ha ha ha This is just for fun lol
LAUGHING…. ha ha ha ha

Otsuka Red Zone is no more. Instead at the same location with a nice
upgrade and renovation is now the live house Ōtsuka Hearts+)