What is this? or.. Why is this?

Japanese friends / friends in Japan…
Any insights or clues as to what this is all about? 
I passed by it outside a private home, on my way back home .
Is it art? is it something symbolic? Never seen anything like it.
Have anyone of you?




The People, The LOVE, The Party, The Music

Music of all sorts this New Year’s eve in shimokitazawa…
Had soooo much FUN!!
Thank you everyone for all the LOVE.
After a night like this, I really believe in mankind (again)…maybe… LOL



from Soba to Party

…from toshikoshi soba 年越し蕎麦  ..
New year Soba Noodles
…to partying WITH hide!!!

Wow this must have been the Best New Year’s Night ever….
Probably because of two thing, I did not intend to party
and because I totally let go of the idea that I shouldn’t party,
and instead decided just lived in every moment of this night!
Second, because me and Phoe-Lo did something totally wild,
and in the spurt of the moment at ten o’clock we decided to go
to Shimokitazawa ( we were then sitting at Sakura House Café,
Ikebukuro eating the toshikoshi soba).
I still don’t know what happened, or why, but suddenly Phoe-Lo
looked at me, and I at her, and she suddenly said:
Anna, we can be in Shimokitazawa in 20 minutes … let’s do it!
So we took off…. just like that….
I’m sure the people at Sakura cafe had a great night, but it was just
not our crowd this night, we had to just do what I had done all
of 2011, and just jump straight out and do something crazy….
Neither one of us had partied in Shimokitazawa before.
I have been on my way sooo many times, but it just never happened
for this or that reason.
I have been there in daylight, but not for a night quite like this
one…..then again don’t think I have had a night quite like this one,
in a very looooong time….




Brazil, Russia, Sweden in Ikebukuro

 ‘Elle’, from Brazil,  ‘Phoe-Lo’, from Russiaand I

Daria Lillie

went to Black Hole,  Ikebukuro together.
You cannot find better girls than these two!
♡ 。❉ ˚ ˚ ˛❈˛˚♡˚ ˛❈˛˚ ˚  ❉ 。♡

and well not only were the audience tonight to a large extent Brazilian, but a many of them were was Brazilian men….
and I will show later what male Brazilians think they can get away with at a Japanese Live House lol




Walking Southbound on the West side of Yoyogi Park

……When we are KIDS  I think we are so totally absorbed with
the moment that we are somehow on auto-pilot and for
everything and everyone else, besides ourselves, there are ‘the others’
whether it be parents, siblings, friends, or just the general unidentified
crowd of others