grace period

I felt the urge to give you some good news after the not so good ones below….

A lot of interesting live gigs are coming up and from now on I will make sure to have permission before taking it for granted. After all I have followed grace period since the get go, and gone to every live while here in Japan….

Anyway let’s focus on the good news…. Coming up is a Halloween special with two of my favorite bands Vagu*Project and DAZZLE!

Also in November, now this coming week end, is my own birthday ha ha ha… I will celebrate it at Club Sensation with two bands – Slave Sisters and Blade. I have not yet heard them live, but spoken with some of the members and I am sure we will all have a great time on Saturday.

Other bands in november include Musica FamiliaTheTheKuro (A member of the Auto-Mod family), more DAZZLE!, an interview with a band member that I will tell you more about later,  VoRCHAOS, and more Vagu*Project (of course),  also an exciting new band right now in the process of formation with former HERMIT guitarist Keigo, [MU:} and I will attend Tokyo Dark Castle later in November…

Then there are tons of bands I’m chosing between to see in November so stay tuned!! m/



the Recap continued

The recap continued….

Urawa Narciss –  浦和ナルシス
Little did I then know that this place, and the band ‘Vagu*Project’ would instigate in me new ideas and a creativity I haven’t felt in a good while.

hide’s ‘plan’…. the Pink Spider Web plan started to form and I was actually already a good portion along the path… I just wasn’t aware of what I had already produced (this blog) and that my insights and knowledge of Japanese music and culture , combined with my prior career experiences, would lead to me becoming an avid LIVE gig attendee.


In December I started the  Vagu*Project unofficial Fan club on Facebook which can be found here: 

This was right after I got back from X-Japan S E Asia our Lives

Which is coming up in this recap above here shortly

but first why not look at a video…..

the Dragon

YuI and the dragon Blowing fire

Vagu*Project in Osaka June 22, 2012

This was the best live ever with Vagu*Project! Why because they were totally wild and so HAPPY. YuI was just amazing to see on stage totally passionate about their performance and they just nailed it! Wonderful to see and so HAPPY I went down there to see them!

Aresz was also great, and well I have said it before, the sound and mixing can break or make a live performance, and last time I saw both Vagu*Project and Aresz at Meguro Live station was a not good, but here the sound (except for a few mishaps with electricity) it was just perfect and Aresz were fantastic to see. A zillion better than at Live Station in Tokyo. Maybe part of it because Osaka is their home grounds? Either way it was a WOW night.

Sorry but there is no way I can blog anymore from this event until I am in Europe. Packing down my computer, but this was another memory I wanted to keep on TOP until I’m back here again.