from Soba to Party

…from toshikoshi soba 年越し蕎麦  ..
New year Soba Noodles
…to partying WITH hide!!!

Wow this must have been the Best New Year’s Night ever….
Probably because of two thing, I did not intend to party
and because I totally let go of the idea that I shouldn’t party,
and instead decided just lived in every moment of this night!
Second, because me and Phoe-Lo did something totally wild,
and in the spurt of the moment at ten o’clock we decided to go
to Shimokitazawa ( we were then sitting at Sakura House Café,
Ikebukuro eating the toshikoshi soba).
I still don’t know what happened, or why, but suddenly Phoe-Lo
looked at me, and I at her, and she suddenly said:
Anna, we can be in Shimokitazawa in 20 minutes … let’s do it!
So we took off…. just like that….
I’m sure the people at Sakura cafe had a great night, but it was just
not our crowd this night, we had to just do what I had done all
of 2011, and just jump straight out and do something crazy….
Neither one of us had partied in Shimokitazawa before.
I have been on my way sooo many times, but it just never happened
for this or that reason.
I have been there in daylight, but not for a night quite like this
one…..then again don’t think I have had a night quite like this one,
in a very looooong time….





Walking Southbound on the West side of Yoyogi Park

……When we are KIDS  I think we are so totally absorbed with
the moment that we are somehow on auto-pilot and for
everything and everyone else, besides ourselves, there are ‘the others’
whether it be parents, siblings, friends, or just the general unidentified
crowd of others




Started Walking in Sangubashi

This is where I started…

After leaving my door (you can follow along on the map in the post below),
I headed South along the West side of Yoyogi Park.
It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and I was thinking I should
walk down to Shibuya Station area..
20 minutes or so to walk down there and 20 back…
decent walk… then add some time for taking some photos,
cause it does slow me down ha ha
How I wish I had a real camera…




On Odakyu Line

Me on the train back home…
Actually Yamanote line was way more crowded.
This is the very short trip from Shinjuku station home on Odakyu line.

A little tired and DEAF ha ha  but so HAPPY ♡….
I was able to see them LIVE again !!
Life is full of miracles.
Finding a needle, I mean a band, in TOKYO was tough,
but STAMINA and determination paid off!

Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Unfortunately their website leaves a lot of room for improvement,
at least if you are visiting from abroad, or for whatever reason don’t
read Japanese Kanji
First of all if you go there from a place outside of Japan you might
just see weird alphabet and other characters all over the place.
Make sure your preferences are set to unicode !
If you use google Chrome check that little wrench up top in the
far right corner. Look under tools and then encoding. 
even after doing so and you can read the pages… well …you’ll
just have to see for yourself. There are a few nice images, and
their schedule is now updated!
That’s how I finally found out about the LIVEs
When I went to this page back in October, nothing was updated.
The members also have blogs (on ameblo), but as far as I can see
Ryo hasn’t  written anything since last year.
For all of you who think I have gone too far in writing about a band
you will never ever be able to see, let alone hear, I can only give you
my thanks for your patience.
After this I will finish up the writings about the remainder of the night
here at Red Zone then return to X Japan stuff and then we’ll see…
Maybe I can somehow do something about this…
December is loaded with MUSIC…
Next week coming up is BUCK-TICK and before that if I’m lucky
I hope to catch SUGIZO on Saturday’s anti-nuke demonstrations
here in Tokyo. The demonstrations we’ll be here in 渋谷区
so if you live here close by, See you then!