What is this? or.. Why is this?

Japanese friends / friends in Japan…
Any insights or clues as to what this is all about? 
I passed by it outside a private home, on my way back home .
Is it art? is it something symbolic? Never seen anything like it.
Have anyone of you?




First morning of 2012

Walking back home from Meiji shrine….
both me a Phoe-Lo were at this point rather drained after partying the whole
night, and no food since about 11 hours ago  …
and as I said my brains weren’t connected, I was all wired after meeting all
these wonderful people in Shimokitazawa ,
that I was just laughing and acting really wired… or weird… ha ha
I was just not able to be a good guide this morning <(^,^)>
Hence I totally screwed up the time with walking 1,5 rounds in Yoyogi koen
ha ha ha
and of course same thing on our way OUT from Meiji shrine area,
I just couldn’t focus, so instead of coming out on “my side” of the shrin,e
we got out on the totally opposite end ha ha
But…. we got some nice walking done this first morning of the first year
in Tokyo!



The People, The LOVE, The Party, The Music

Music of all sorts this New Year’s eve in shimokitazawa…
Had soooo much FUN!!
Thank you everyone for all the LOVE.
After a night like this, I really believe in mankind (again)…maybe… LOL