When in Japan…




Imagine this, I had to move ALL the way to JAPAN
before I could visit a Swedish IKEA store ha ha

Yuka came along so she could try some Swedish foods,
so of course  we started in the restaurant with a huge lunch.
Gravlax, rökt lax, torsk, kokt potatis… YUMMY…
and yes this post might be a little hard to digest for my
Swedish dears still in New Mexico without any IKEA
in the whole state!
here it is for you as visual aid for the food cortex and memory  moahahaha

Jet lag in Los Angeles

I have truly believed that I was totally immune to this travel ailment.
It has never affected me, regardless of East bound or West bound, even over date line or long travels, as for example after last year’s long journey
from Vanuatu, Melanesia South Pacific, via New Zealand and Albuquerque, USA  to Stockholm;
or going from LA to Japan or wherever… Always been ok, and all but once before that i can remember, I have been ‘immune’! That one time was when I came back to San Francisco from Taiwan.
Apparently this is the second exception in my life, to the rule. I was dumb enough to give in to sleepiness and went to bed at 8pm, thinking that’s 11pm in Florida, where I’m heading tomorrow, so even if I wake up ar 4 or 5 in the morning I will be fine, because that’s regular morning time in Florida.
Apparently this was beyond stupid ha ha
I woke up, not at 4 or 5 but at 11pm after sleeping only 3 hours !!!
Then again I could try and go back to sleep for an epic fail, or I can just say:
OK, it’s perfectly fine like this!
I will just use this time to blog some, and maybe read up on some Japanese grammar!
ha ha
Seriously to be too much awake is probably not the worse part of being jet lagged,
it’s the social implications later… When one is expected to be AWAKE, but just can’t!
For now I’m all alone, and can play a little ‘make believe’ ; this is just another day,
just a very dark one outside!
And who knows, after a couple of hours awake, I might be cured and able to go back to sleep again for a decent 6-7 hours and be back in Rhythm?!


Actually even later… Just sat down in my seat an plugged in to charge the phone!
Now I need to figure out if I should try to stay awake on flight, or sleep a little or sleep a lot. I will arrive around 5 am Monday Japanese time but only 1pm Sunday at LAX, CA /PDT
Well I hopefully I won’t feel jet lag this time either…
Unless it hits me when I reach my final destination in Florida … looong journey ahead!
Oh my let’s start this ride!
Sayonara Japan! My heart is crying now!