I can feel the kiss

I recorded this video clip in Vanuatu 2010.
The true beginning…as every day is a beginning.
I just wasn’t aware of it then, that the trip to Vanuatu
was going to set-off a chain reaction of events,
that lead from this moment in Vanuatu,
to my ‘new life’ in Japan just a year later.

The amount of accumulated special moments since then
until this present moment, is huge!
So what I am doing, is to spread them out on my
enormous time line.
I have divided the time-line spanning from little before this
video in Vanuatu until today, and on it I add photos.
To each photo I add a note with event name,
for example “Live gig at Meguro Live Station with xxx band”.

Under the line I also add notes like departure times for
flights, visits from abroad, and everything else.
Just to keep track of all the places I’ve been…
is a task in itself
During the years I cover (about 6-7 years), besides my life in Japan,
I lived in or visited (not in order and many I visited several times):
USA: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico,  Texas,
Utah, and Washington
UK including London and Wales, Sweden, Germany, Laos, Ukraine,
Azerbaijan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Vanuatu, Mexico, Canada, Singapore
…. and more
and in Japan, I traveled a total of 6 weeks with Japan Rail Pass.
From northern Tohoku to Kyushu and a lot of it in between.

The program I use for this purpose is called ‘Scapple’
and it’s really invaluable to my book writing project.

In the photo below I combined two screen shots.
In the upper half,
one can see one year (of approximately 7 years total)
In the lower half one can see
how it looks closer up.
I still need to add more notes about each event,
for example names of band members at a live,
or who was with me at a certain bar and so on.


It is however time-consuming!
Often I find my mind wandering off.
A photo generate an intense feeling of
actually being there.
I can smell the flowers.
I can hear the music.
I can feel the kiss on my lips.
I can hear arguments and conflicts.
I can sense the love
It’s all embedded in this time line.
And the questions arise.
Why?  Why did we meet?
Why did I choose this or that?
It is also time consuming by the whole
metod in itself,
but in the end, I’m sure this is the best way!

Memories, but also a future.
My future.
Our future.
I have no doubt that even if I’m writing my book
about the past, it is not finished.
My story is not finished.
Friendship, and relationships,
continue in to the future.
My book is a snippet of this
It really has no true beginning,
nor is it by any means
over yet!



The Detour

As embarrassing as it is:
I totally messed up and went on the wrong train.
Not because Japanese trains don’t have signs telling where they are going, or because some other external reason,
but because I was a little ‘off’ this morning and didn’t really look out!
I was on the correct platform,
but this Kyushu bound train (Opposite direction)
had the same departure time, and I mindlessly stepped on it at the correct gate.
When I got on the train, I went to “my seat”, but imagine my surprise when a guy already was sitting there, and insisted that it was indeed his seat!
Ha ha
We looked at my ticket and he told mr, “but madam this train is bound for Kyushu. Your ticket is for the Tokyo train!”.
Oh NO !!! Panic ha ha
I had made appointments with several people in Tokyo,
and I still had NO phone!
Oh well I had some luck at least!
The conductor lady was very nice and together we figured out which was the next train from Ōsaka back to Tokyo.
I made it back to Tokyo in time, but because of my delay I didn’t make
it home in between,
but instead used a locker at Shinjuku station for my bag.
By the way, I feel like such a pro now…
because let me tell you, it is a great feeling to feel comfortable,
and know your way around Shinjuku station!
This place is huge, but I rarely get lost in the maze anymore
and I had NO problem whatsoever finding the locker with my bag
many hours later.




Charging on the train

Some of these Shinkansen have electric outlets by the feet.
Unfortunately today my ride with Shinkansen is not long lasting. Only going between Hakata and Shin-yamaguchi before switching to regular trains.
BUT on the other hand I really LOVE going with the slower trains and soon there will be photos up showing exactly ‘why’!
There’s no way one can see as much from the Shinkansen as from the regular express trains. I’m really happy I decided to do a couple of non-Shinkansen days!

Fields and farms but no

Oki back in the fields…
I have seen very few westerners  over this last week.
I have counted less than 10,and that’s  including big cities like Kyoto and Nagasaki.
BUT what’s more fascinating to me…when traveling from Kyoto along the coast passing Hiroshima and over to Shikoku.., and continuing ALL the way to Nagasaki, and now from Nagasaki via Fukuoka up to Matsue.. passing fields and farms… I have NOT seen a single …
Or horse for that matter either! Not a barn to be seen from the train.
And well I can understand that cows don’t graze well in rice fields; but I have also passed wheat fields down here in Kyushu for example, and fields of grass, but no… not a cow to be seen