Roppongi, Tokyo video shooting

Reds during a day of video shooting in Roppongi, Tokyo So…. I mentioned before, that my first encounter with Japan […]

Kiyoharu and Atsushi 2007

Kiyoharu and Atsushi together… 2007 “Just One More Kiss” Wonderful! Contagious! Professional! Lovely! Superlatives all over!! How I wish we […]


At night AFTER Kuroyume at  Namba Hatch,we went to a bar where Pam been before and knew the crew. The […]

No Need

Bought some essentials to prep for the evening’s concert. Kuroyume at Namba Hatch Osaka will  be the first of several […]

Osaka days

When arriving in Osaka (from Matsue and Tottori) it was night, but the next morning Pam and I went down […]