The Bridge

Last entry ended with these words: “And I believed him… in a way I still do. The bridge however… is […]

MC Interview with YuI

ビデオは日本語です – Video is all in Japanese. Vagu*Project -YuI YuI, vocalist (and fire breather in the video below) in Vagu*Project, […]

2012 has begun

  Japanese Party People from the New Year’s Eve Street Party in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo…. You just cannot do anything, but […]

Humans vs. Loppi – a War in 3 Rounds

hide’s Birthday Party December 13th, 2011 Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan. My ‘RAGE against the MACHINE’ or is it the WAR of the WORLDS  […]

62 or NOT

      On a  bit of a tangent…. regarding Sexual XXXXX! Kind of cute and innocent little side trip […]