Yui – Vocalist


These guys were so good on stage!
They worked it, they knew their stuff, they had skills
and they used all of it to GIVE a splendid SHOW!

This is what I love so much with many of the Japanese bands,
if not all;
they are there for the audience , not for their own sake!
They take out their heart and give it to the audience!!
Visual Kei is all about the FUN,
for the spectacle , for the mutual joy!
and WOW did these guys know HOW!! 
Vagu*Project  …. YOU ROCKED my heart out!!
Below, Yui, Vagu*Project vocalist (and sometimes guitar)



Ninezero & The Outlaws Tour 2011

Ninezero and the Outlaws tour 2011

Ninezero – Vocals
You – Bass
Keisuke – Guitar
Masato – Drums

Unfortunately at this time I have no camera
Only a phone… so sound and image is pretty bad,
so I spared you and cut the vids short.
I see this blog as a TEASER or a TRAILER…
I mean the idea is that
YOU all should go and listen to guys like these
and pay them to do so!
It is soooo worth it!

Thinking of all bands and venues, I have seen here in Japan,
and previously in the US and Europe,
I must recommend this kind of small intimate LIVE house size gigs,
because you get so close to the music and to the REAL DEAL
and that is worth so much!
Tokyo also has TONS of live houses like this.
If you don’t know how to find them
check out The Pink Spider Web’s venue list and map help
in English!
You can either search alphabetically for a live house,
when you know the name of the place, but need help
finding it,
Or you can click on the Tokyo map where you are, or want to go,
and see all the live houses that are in that vicinity.
You will get a google map,
home page link (if there is one) and info.
You will find a drop down menu under ‘venues’

When the blog is about travel, it’s the same thing…
I’m sharing my adventures so that you can become inspired
and GO OUT on your adventures…
Come to Japan!
Hop on the trains with a JR pass,
See the world!

JUMP when the PINK CLOUDS are calling YOUR name!


You Bass

Keisuke Guitar

Masato Drums