Size doesn’t matter?

Beer and Wine in Japan Questions …
Teeny, tiny beer glasses … Can someone please tell me the rationale behind this?
The bottles certainly aren’t small…
by the way just so you don’t all jump on me… they do serve beer in bigger
beer glasses/jugs as well … but often this is what you see.
Same with wine.. often same teeny, tiny glasses.. and well when we are
at the topic of WINE… why is red wine served cold in Japan.. I mean really COLD…
Not everywhere but almost everywhere

hide and Chardonnay

hide will have to drink Chardonnay with us this evening.
There will be enough strong sake to come later this week end,
so wine it is…
But he is with us in everything we do, and because of the pink clouds
watching over us, we had a great evening and a totally awesome week end.
This Friday the 13th was setting the stage. It was nice to charge up on energy,
and eat good food at an izakaya (for a change).
Most often eating is done in a rush here and
there…. Like Onigiri-from-the-konbini-at-desk-kind-of-meals….

konbini onigiri

Crab Brain on Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th 

Since this week end was more than music let’s start with Friday the 13th
and some excellent Sushi.
I have been with Phoe-Lo to Sushi Zanmai a few times up by Ueno station
and we had decided already then to go bak there. Friday the 13th had a lot of
other things going on for me and I ended up running short of time,
so Phoe-Lo was kind and came down to my part of town and we found that
the Zanmai chain also has a location not far from Shibuya Station ( which is
a lot closer to my place).
It was very good, but no I must say the Ueno/Asakusa location was a tad better.
It was still good here in Shibuya…, and it could have been that we just had hit
one of those nights when the fish was lesser fresh and the air was bothersome
or something… hard to say….
We tried almost all the pieces they have on the menu ha ha
The green stuff there bottom left, is yummy crab goo.
… mmmmm haven’t had that in ages….
The Japanese call it Kani miso (カニみそ),
Kani miso (カニみそ), is that grey/green colored paste, and usually you’ll
get a good-sized spoonful or two from a single crab. Ask a Japanese person
what they think kani miso is and you will mostly get the reply:
the word ‘nou miso’ (脳みそ)  (i.e. crab’s brain). However this is a misconception.
The truth is, kani miso is whatever is left after all the white meat is taken out
of the crab – a concoction of internal organs such as livers and pancreas,
intestines, and just a little bit of the actual brain.

here is a link to the Sushi chain if you are in Tokyo and want to eat good, decent,
but not overly expensive Sushi

Delicious New Year’s Food

Delicious New Year’s  foods at Kana-san’s parents.
Kana-san and Teppei-san are wonderful people I met through Coy,
(the guy who drank the Sake with gold flakes a few pages back).
So much food…and soo much Sake LOL
and sooo many awesome people!!
♡ 日本



from Soba to Party

…from toshikoshi soba 年越し蕎麦  ..
New year Soba Noodles
…to partying WITH hide!!!

Wow this must have been the Best New Year’s Night ever….
Probably because of two thing, I did not intend to party
and because I totally let go of the idea that I shouldn’t party,
and instead decided just lived in every moment of this night!
Second, because me and Phoe-Lo did something totally wild,
and in the spurt of the moment at ten o’clock we decided to go
to Shimokitazawa ( we were then sitting at Sakura House Café,
Ikebukuro eating the toshikoshi soba).
I still don’t know what happened, or why, but suddenly Phoe-Lo
looked at me, and I at her, and she suddenly said:
Anna, we can be in Shimokitazawa in 20 minutes … let’s do it!
So we took off…. just like that….
I’m sure the people at Sakura cafe had a great night, but it was just
not our crowd this night, we had to just do what I had done all
of 2011, and just jump straight out and do something crazy….
Neither one of us had partied in Shimokitazawa before.
I have been on my way sooo many times, but it just never happened
for this or that reason.
I have been there in daylight, but not for a night quite like this
one…..then again don’t think I have had a night quite like this one,
in a very looooong time….