Shimbashi Station History

OUT and about in TOKYO

To my delight my friend was in a good mood today
He actually always is!!
He suggested we should go to Odaiba today.
So we headed out
First a stop at Shimbashi and a walk by Chiyoda
and the Japanese Diet buildings…
Tokyo offered BLUE skies and cooler weather.

Of course I brought my iPhone along and here are some
videos and photos from the afternoon and evening in Tokyo.
For those of you that know me by now, there should be
no surprise that I start with MOVING WATER…

Shimbashi Station 新橋駅 is located in Minato Ward of Tokyo.
The station is a very busy station, because it’s a major interchange point
for many train lines. It serves the JR Keihin-Tohoku,
Tokaido Main Line, Yamanote, and Yokosuka Lines as well as
the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line; Toei Asakusa Line;
and the Yurakamome Line.

The present day Shimbashi Station was opened in 1909 as
Karasumori Station, and in 1914 was renamed Shimbashi.
The original Shimbashi Station, which was opened in 1872,
was located to the east of the present day Shimbashi Station.
It was from here that the first train in Japan made its first run from
Tokyo to Yokohama in 1872.
This was also the original terminal of Japan’s first stretch of railway
and one of Japan’s oldest stations.
In 1914, the original Shimbashi Station was demolished to
make way for the new Shimbashi on another location,
and a goods yard, Shiodome Station, was made on this site.
To commemorate the historical significance of the station,
a 1945 steam locomotive has been placed in the square in
front of Shimbashi Station.



Carpe Diem

You just never know what you get in this box of chocolates called LIFE!

Last night I was a good girl and prepared my clothes for today.
I did laundry, and I even went to bed in time in order to be up
very early this morning.
I confirmed with the friend whom I was supposed to meet,
where and how we were going to make contact this morning,
and I had  triple-checked the train schedules at:

This morning, when the alarm rang, I really had doubts about
my capacity getting up and look my best for the whole day to come,
but I DID IT!
I ironed my dress (it was a semi-formal academic event),
and I even had time to drink a cup of tea before I left my
apartment at 7:40 AM.
For me that’s a real VICTORY!
I mean, I usually go to bed around 3 or 4 in the morning…..

Anyway I felt like a TOKYO PRO when I easily swapped from
Odakyu line to JR Chūō-Sobu Line to Keio Metro/Subway Line!
I stepped out and realized I came out by Nippon Budokan
and had only a short 3 minute walk left.
The weather was perfect with CLEAR BLUE SKIES !

Right then my friend called. He had gotten ill overnight and wasn’t
going to make it today… so suddenly at 8.30 am in the morning
I found myself in a part of Tokyo quite a distance from home.
I was just about to go back to the subway when I realized that I
was standing right outside the Nippon Budokan and its lovely Park!

So I guess today will be a day for a walk….

At first I was just thinking that I should walk across the park
towards Chiyoda.,_Tokyo 
It was such a lovely morning, and a new experience for me who
usually sleeps at this time.
A nice walk in the park, until it’s time for breakfast was my new plan…



The Detour

As embarrassing as it is:
I totally messed up and went on the wrong train.
Not because Japanese trains don’t have signs telling where they are going, or because some other external reason,
but because I was a little ‘off’ this morning and didn’t really look out!
I was on the correct platform,
but this Kyushu bound train (Opposite direction)
had the same departure time, and I mindlessly stepped on it at the correct gate.
When I got on the train, I went to “my seat”, but imagine my surprise when a guy already was sitting there, and insisted that it was indeed his seat!
Ha ha
We looked at my ticket and he told mr, “but madam this train is bound for Kyushu. Your ticket is for the Tokyo train!”.
Oh NO !!! Panic ha ha
I had made appointments with several people in Tokyo,
and I still had NO phone!
Oh well I had some luck at least!
The conductor lady was very nice and together we figured out which was the next train from Ōsaka back to Tokyo.
I made it back to Tokyo in time, but because of my delay I didn’t make
it home in between,
but instead used a locker at Shinjuku station for my bag.
By the way, I feel like such a pro now…
because let me tell you, it is a great feeling to feel comfortable,
and know your way around Shinjuku station!
This place is huge, but I rarely get lost in the maze anymore
and I had NO problem whatsoever finding the locker with my bag
many hours later.





On the track again. Feels good to be back on the Shinkansen path in Japan. Today I’m having a brand new experience, I’m riding the Nozomi super express! For these trains, if you use a JR pass, you’ll have to pay extra as the JR Pass is not valid for these super fast Shinkansen trains
Tokyo to Kyoto 2 hours and 20 minutes – now THAT is FAST!!!
Super fast!