Gotemba Line

If you are ever in Japan and traveling on a JR rail pass
with almost unlimited to time… and you have no idea what to do next,
I recommend taking the local train on the Gotemba line.
This is not for the person who travels to get from point A to point B,
no this is for those of you who like the train ride for its own sake!
This train takes FOREVER and stops almost every kilometer or so,
meaning you can NOT take this train while in a hurry or stressed!!
Sit back, chill and just look around you…
The beautiful outdoors, the people who live up here,
the traveling experience for no other reason than ‘train traveling’ itself
has presented itself to you!
If you are like me – you take this chance and add it to your
treasured memories!!!

My soul needs the ocean

When I arrived in Atami, I felt that the town was a little too big
for what I was ‘looking for’ …
So I continued with a local line down on the Izu peninsula to Itō.
When I arrived at the beach I felt like my soul got food,
and now stopped the craving and urge I had since my last visit at Miura Kaigan.
The ocean has a magic impact on me!
It’s a good feeling indeed ….
My soul needs the ocean every now and then

After the typhoon had passed

After a typhoon has passed it was a wonderful feeling to see
BLUE SKIES and Sunshine!!
I had a really hard time deciding where i wanted to go this last day
before the expiration of my Japan Rail Pass.
I was thinking of heading to Niigata, since I haven’t seen the northern
Honshu west coast yet,
and I was of course also debating to go to Nikko,
which had been my original plan (before the Typhoon soaked me).
Stepping outside though and seeing beautiful skies,
I felt an urge to go yo the ocean so I did!
I reserved a seat from Tokyo to Atami on the Kodama Shinkansen.




Mōtsū-ji 毛越寺 – Hiraizumi

Time to dig into history of Japan, but maybe more just jump into ART and
aesthetics totally surrounding me, because that is what many temples and parks in Japan is all about!
Just a few months before my arrival here, in June (2011),
Mōtsū-ji was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as
“Historic Monuments and Sites of Hiraizumi”.
Want to dig in and read more?
Here is a wikipedia link:






Feelings are often symbolized with water …
So it FEELS natural to back up a little and go back to where my thoughts
and mind are right now!
I might physically be sitting in a hotel lobby in Kitakami, Iwate prefecture,
but my feelings are still here by this moving water at the Cannon temple in Kamakura.
A lot has happened since I arrived in Japan a little over a week ago!
I didn’t plan for anything particular to happen,
especially not on an emotional level, but I must admit it, J
apan has done it again: MOVED me!
This time I feel awakened and feel so much LOVE springing up from within.
I’m not prepared for this and somehow sitting here with absolutely
no one to talk to and absolutely nothing else to do,
but being online from my phone (this might be a good thing!).
There is only wi-fi in the hotel lobby, so I don’t want to go up to the room.
Alone again, my feelings and thoughts become very, very LOUD,
and I cannot surpress them or ignore them.
It doesn’t mean I think towards a goal, or have some solution,
or that I figured out what to do with my life,
but it gives me at least moments to reflect upon life,
and friends and PURPOSE …
Do I have one?
I believe I do!
I just need to find it.