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Hammersmith with  mad-san , Crazy Cool Joe and Ryu

Sometimes there are a lot of videos to upload and I feel like I’m not writing
enough about them…
The real reasons though are that the uploading is slow and time consuming,
and also the fact that 3 or 4 concerts in a row each week is taking it’s toll!
There’s a lot of material to go through… and well I have few other things going on…

BUT tonight I will take some time and I give you a little bit more, at least some links
and pointers to where you can read more..

MAD   or Takamasa Ohuchi

Drummer in TYOSOLITUDE,OVER/UNDER, Kiss the World (with DIE) and ex.ANTHEM
some links:

On a side note…
try to google:  Madohuchi Drums   as your search words … 😛

Crazy Cool-Joe

the Bassist in Dead End a “must know of band” if you are in to Japanese Rock and
I assume you are if you are here on my blog (unless you are one of my relatives sneaking
in here to see what I’m up to far away from ‘home’).
There’s plenty of Dead End for you on Youtube
for ex this

He has fans that made him a page.. doesn’t seem to be updated for a few years though

SUPER BLOODでVoGu/Moi dix MoisではRyuxとしてGu/FOODでGu/AmplifierでBa/
HËYTでGu/Omega Dripp中退/THE VICKERSのVoGu。  (Update Ryu only plays with them
occasionally as a session guitarist).
The Vickers have a page here
and I did find a blog here:
His instagram is here:

Coming up for me are a few more things from Zher the Zoo,  then I will move over to
the  one-man Live on Sunday at Showboat with Circuit9 (and another awesome drummer Sakura  (Zigzo, ex. L’Arc~en~Ciel, Creature Creature )





More Metal, More Solitude, More Mad…

More metal and more ”Solitude”
at Zher the Zoo, Yoyogi, Tokyo Jan 28, 2012

Ha ha ha Yes on this blog you get a lot of different kinds of music from
Japan’s live music scene.
Here’s more of Solitude!

Vocals: Akira Sugiuchi
Guitar: Shingo Ida
Bass: Toru Nishida
Drums: Takamasa “Mad” Ohuchi

As said earlier, I don’t know why my image quality  was so low this night…
On a side note, looking at the Solitude videos, for all you Vagu fans who happens to be reading this (yeah I know this is not VK but…)
would you agree with me that there is something about the gestures and
facial expressions of Solitude’s  Bassist Toru Nishida that somehow
reminds you of Ryo?
or who is it?

Mad-san on the list…

Solitude – MADsan in focus…..

Mad definitely on my list of best Japanese drummers 

and well Bassist got a bit focus too Toru Nishida *drool*

and talking of BEST of…Before I leave Japan in a few weeks I will definitely put
together a “BEST of List”
My own Best of list which will include
musicians, bands, skills, charisma, looks, stage precense , fans, venues and more….
and NO worries I will be back in Japan shortly. Just need to leave for a little while,
and when I back I will be improved ha ha ha
Just stay in the loop guys!


Solitude at the Denim and Leather at Zher the Zoo

My visual video quality is not as good as usual.
Don’t know why that happened this night. Sound is decent though (wonder if
my camera only can do either audio or video LOL).

MAD on drums is same MAD as in Kiss the World a few pages back here on the blog.
MAD is great fun and a tad MAD lol  Photo to come next…

This is Solitude:

Vocals: Akira Sugiuchi

Guitar: Shingo Ida

Bass: Toru Nishida

Drums: Takamasa “Mad” Ohuchi

Birthday Blue Sky

hide’s BIRTHDAY Dec 13th, 2011
The BLUE SKY Complex day…
Complex as in my complicated…
Complex as in convoluted ..
Complex as in multifarious ….
Complex… I wonder what hide was thinking….

Looking at the photos in this post, it might look like, I was there
all alone . This was of course not the case.
There was of course a long train of people. People that I didn’t know there at the same time as I was.
But I there were also plenty of ‘others’ present in these photos,
what I mean is….
Just as during my first visit here, I did NOT come alone, even if I
travelled alone.
This time I did not need help to find my way, now I’m a pro now
ha ha ha
Actually I even helped a guy giving him directions.

These ‘others’, who came with me in spirit, are an awesome
bunch of Twitter and Facebook friends that share a

Between us we truly represent the world and every continent!
hide  the world loves you, as

and well yes this BLUE SKY complex day was windy….
ha ha ha Pink Spider  in the WIND at Miura Reien…

Runnin’ through, under the sun.
Runnin’ with the moonlight shinin’
Ride’ on the wind,
Com’n get me babe.