Thank you soo much for messages (like the one quoted below)
here on tumblr, to my email and on Facebook!
I’m seriously touched, and it makes me feel even more convinced that
I AM doing the right thing, and hide indeed knows what he is doing when
he is inspiring me to make a WEB through music.
A web of friendship and LOVE that reaches across borders and cultures;
A PINK SPIDER WEB that works through MUSIC and within people…
and touches our HEARTS!!
” I just love your posts! I guess I am kind of living vicariously here XD
Took a lot of guts to do what you did, I admire you quite a lot.
It’s also a joy to run into another passionate adult music fan.

One Minute Before Midnight

We were thinking of leaving this place before midnight,
when suddenly I looked at the time and well…. it was one minute before midnight, so we stayed and chilled and said that OK time is almost ripe to go…. sometimes you just cannot let a thing like a
New Year’s Eve  be such a big deal… just enjoy the moment!
so we did!! and wow so many people were actually around us
and we cheered and had fun! We just hadn’t noticed them.



hide meets the South West

When you take hide with you out, and let him take the lead
on a New Year’s Eve…
you are in for a treat… so far the evening almost looked too calm…
but we took it easy, took our time, and chilled….
and the awesome DJ played the right kind of music after he had
chatted with us for a little bit (^.~)

Not knowing Japanese can be tough sometimes, but having hide on
the table while drinking in Japan, solves any kind of possible language
barriers…. ha ha ha
Funny enough though, the last I saw of 2011, were these walls
with Route 66 and the bathroom even had a dream catcher on the wall…
Here I was on the other side of the world, closing 2011 as the year
with my leap from USA… the South West…sitting in a bar in Tokyo
looking straight at a Rt 66 road sign… oh the irony



Love & Tokyo

This is about LOVE….. and about  東京 TOKYO

私は東京を大好きです …….

and I’m starting to feel that this for me means an attachment

The moment you start loving you take a risk  of also feeling
low and sad
when the love no longer is reciprocated … or like in my case:
leaving this city even for a month or two….
because of the attachment…

and yes, yes, I know what you will tell me….
I can still love Tokyo, which is great and I’m sure of it,
but due to this attachment I will definitely feel a separation and
it will hurt….

Second thought coming up, is that I have been traveling all my life,
lived here and there across the globe,  but never felt this way to a
place before…. only to people!
WHY do I feel such a strong bond with Japan,
and especially to Tokyo

When I wrote Tokyo above I really meant my emotional area of Tokyo,
which is way bigger than Tokyo proper.

Now I will repeat the Miura Reien story in the next blog or so,
because it probably has some valid insights and clues…
My reason for breaking up from everything, and doing
the Pink Spider jump out to the unknown….
the flying with the clouds and letting go…..
I’m not dead yet…. I’m still here…
but the story and the path taken during 2011 might explain
why I’m suddenly able to feel LOVE again…
LOVE, also for people…. really scary business!




hide at Tower Records

hide at Tower Records
Heard that many of you haven’t seen this, so I’m posting it here…