grace period

I felt the urge to give you some good news after the not so good ones below….

A lot of interesting live gigs are coming up and from now on I will make sure to have permission before taking it for granted. After all I have followed grace period since the get go, and gone to every live while here in Japan….

Anyway let’s focus on the good news…. Coming up is a Halloween special with two of my favorite bands Vagu*Project and DAZZLE!

Also in November, now this coming week end, is my own birthday ha ha ha… I will celebrate it at Club Sensation with two bands – Slave Sisters and Blade. I have not yet heard them live, but spoken with some of the members and I am sure we will all have a great time on Saturday.

Other bands in november include Musica FamiliaTheTheKuro (A member of the Auto-Mod family), more DAZZLE!, an interview with a band member that I will tell you more about later,  VoRCHAOS, and more Vagu*Project (of course),  also an exciting new band right now in the process of formation with former HERMIT guitarist Keigo, [MU:} and I will attend Tokyo Dark Castle later in November…

Then there are tons of bands I’m chosing between to see in November so stay tuned!! m/



Video down

Video of @graceperiod_jp down 

Instead here is another more creative kind of photo of @YOU_official

Sorry guys for the bad news, but at least the photos of eisuke and YOU will remain. They are OK with it, but due to some of the band members’ disagreement to publishing unofficial videos, the previously posted video is now down.

I will also take down the video from Youtube. If you want to comment on this please feel free to do so directly to the band.

Here is the review about Shindaita Fever (but without comments about the band or songs)….

Regarding 新代田 Fever… the sound was good. You know I’m picky when it comes to sound and the sound engineering of a live house. They past my level of acceptance with a minor minus. All 5 of the bands playing this night had somewhat weak guitars from a mixing point of view. Bass was a tad dominant. This has nothing to do with the bands themselves but is a Live house sound responsibility.

A bigger minus, not exclusively for 新代田 Fever, and one which unfortunately I’m becoming rather accustomed to by now, isLIGHTS!!

Please dear JAPAN, why oh, why do we have to be blinded by stage lightsdirected almost horizontally towards the audience BEHIND the performers?  I know I’m exaggerating, but really lights aren’t meant to illuminate the audience so that the performers can see us, but rather the other way around. YES, it might blind you if you are the one performing, but really now we paid to see you, not the other way around. On bigger stages this is rarely the problem, but thus far most live houses in Japan totally mess up the lights. It’s something I will never really accept or get used to. 

But yes 新代田 Fever was an overall good experience. Big bonus for their web site that actually had LINKS to OHPs to the bands and another BIG BONUS for the free public Wifi!! Way to go 新代田 Fever !!

The other 4 bands this particular evening wasn’t really all that impressive. I did like all them to some degree except maybe the last one. and well you already know… if you read below, that the band ‘Zowie Zowie Zowie’ had an added bonus for their eye candy on stage LOL