Yesterday I posted a short video with a tunnel.
I’m quite fascinated by tunnels as a metaphor for transformation,
transgression, change, and  …. life

Tunnels can be dark and murky, and we talk about seeing the light
at the end of the tunnel.
Those tunnels can be scary, and we hope, and often believe,
that the coming out of the tunnel we will be free, happy and content.

Sometimes the tunnel is like the one in the blog post below,
It’s not dark at all….
bright and illuminated,
but still a place that takes us from one ‘reality’ to another.
The walking in a tunnel is a walk with an aim,
you don’t want to stay in that place forever.
The goal is really to get out of there.
You just have to get going…
In September 2011 I was in such a  bright kind of tunnel.

I was really happy. I was at Inazuma Rock Fes
On stage were great bands like:
Def Tech, Dragon Ash, Abingdon Boys School, and Gazette
Yet at the end of one of my blog entries from that week end I had written:

Do I have one?
I believe I do!
I just need to find it.

Eventually later that year I did find my purpose.
My mission met my passion.
The music in Japan and the live scene.
Somehow I was out of the bright tunnel and had found my path.

And once out I met tons of amazing people!
Tetsu great drummer (for ex. mintmints, ex. Ra:IN)  here a night
when we had drinks together at his bar Boogie Stock in Shin-Daita.

Going to live gigs I met some amazing people,
often one contact introduced me to another,
and got to know, and work with, many Japanese musicians up close.
One such band was Vorchaos.
We discussed strategies for bands in general, and for them in particular,
how to make it in this new global world.
I’m so happy they still play together and keep on going!

and time went on .. I wasn’t in a tunnel.
I was on a path! Out and about!
I had direction and purpose.
When you are on a path you don’t contemplate much.
There isn’t the same feeling present, as there is when you are in a tunnel.
You don’t search for the light at the end.
You just enjoy the ride.

With Derinjar at Chelsea Hotel  about 2 years ago.

And I sure enjoyed everything!

Now I am back in a tunnel… but another kind of tunnel.
This one is almost pitch black. Or it has been….
I’m beginning to see the light,
I’m going through change,
and I’m using the contemplative nature of being in a tunnel,
to think about what will be on the other side.
Often we just don’t know what will come…

What has happened … during my time on the path,
is that somewhere along the road,
I started listening to how other people thought I should act.
Where I should put my time.
How I should do things
How I should prioritize my time..

But now ….in the middle of the dark tunnel….
I woke up…
and Im back at a mental place where I am more in charge.
And I’m being creative.
I might not at all know what will come at the other end,
but I know this much..
there is an end also to this tunnel!

“This is my life,
my story,
my book,
and I will no longer let anyone else write it.
nor will I apologize for the edits I make”
Steve Maraboli




VoRCHAOS – USHI and Fuji

Bassist Fuji and Drummer Ushi 

OK I admit it,  ran out of superlatives and the last thing I want to be guilty of, is ‘vocabulary inflation of superlatives’ , so I just wont repeat myself… instead look at the photos and I will also post video later but YES they are worthy of all my superlatives

…oh and my friend Nata-san agrees! LOL he came along again… and said he will do so as often as he can, even when I’m not in Japan later on this winter…
‘I just don’t want to miss a single gig with these guys, Anna!’

And no worries,  wont be gone for long, just need to go back to the USA for a little bit so they dont forget me back there ha ha ha

VoRCHAOS @ Yokohama 7th Avenue

Vorchaos !!!! Live at Yokohama 7th Avenue October 19, 2012 

This band has it ALL: skill, talent, stage presence, charisma, enthusiasm, great songs, a unique sound, and yeah did I mention great skills?
This is music at its very best!
They totally ROCK!
When I see them on stage my mind is just blown away in awe and I feel that the rest of the world must hear them too…must get a chance to feel as good as I do after a live gig with VoRCHAOS!
If you are in Tokyo area and you like good heavy quality rock, and you have a chance to see them : DO IT!


Meguro Live Station 6-6 2012

Wednesday night at the Live Station had a line up to my likings… I was familiar with 3 of the 4 bands who were going to be up this night.

Vorchaos/ Vagu*Project / SUICIDE SQUAD/ DAZZLE!

As you all might know, the only band  haven’t heard before was Vorchaos. Unfortunately  I had some camera issues during Vorchaos’ performance, so the photos above are both from Vorchaos website and credits go to them (please click on images for a full view):


At the LIVE I got so impressed by their instrumental skills, that I just had to buy their Single “not ONLY ONE”

and here is my little clip of the first track of it …. Don’t you agree; this is som good fast metal music ?!


if you want to here more, and longer tracks, you can go to their own Soundcloud page


Why did I like them, well primarily I think it was, as I started this blog writing, their instrumental skill. Each one of them definitely has advanced skills handling their instrument including the vocalist [ definitely consider the voice being an instrument].

Second, the speed impressed me, to maintain the quality with this kind of speed is difficult, hence professional. Also they came across as a unity, a band which acted as a team, both on and OFF stage…. and I like that! The drummer ‘Ushi’ joined the band fairly recently, I was told after the live, which impressed me even more…in a relatively short time they managed to get him in, on it and with it… that’s good team work! A very important success factor for a band one can assume.


淳 (Vocal)
Kaz (Guitar,Vocal)
yuzo (Guitar,Chorus)
Fuji (Bass)
Masashi “USHI” Ushijima (Drums)

I hope to hear more from this band and will definitely follow them along. If you are interested in their Single CD you can contact them http://vorchaos.com/vorchaos_contact.html

and yes, you can write in English if you don’t command Japanese, because as an added bonus drummer speaks perfect English m/…(^.^)…m/

and NO, I don’t ever act on behalf of bands, this is solely my opinions on this blog and when I like something, that’s what I write… just in case anyone missed that LOL

Small Miracles – Best of days

Small miracles also happened this June 4th.
On my way to Nirasaki I glanced out the train window.
I have passed this particular stretch a few times now, and
I knew chances were slim to none to see Mt. Fuji…
but THIS DAY was different!
This JUNE 4th was a MAGIC day!
Not the best of photos, but THE BEST OF DAYS <3