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grace period at 下北沢SHELTER a Daytime Live Jan 15th, 2012
So this was the second time in less than a month that I went to see
grace period and maybe it was the fact the time was odd, or that the place
was different, or just that they had recharged more energy, but I must say
they definitely worked the stage a lot better this time.
Maybe also it was the fact that the stage here at Shelter is tighter,
which made them appear more vivid, closer and energized?!
But actually look at both YOU (bass) and 大舘 義直 (Gu.) they definitely
both work it a lot this time around, and I’m sure it wasn’t just me who
appreciated that.

grace period is:

Bass: YOU

Drums: 森下フミヤ

Vocals: eisuke

Guitar: 大舘 義直

Grace Period at Shimokitazawa Shelter

Grace Period – Live at 下北沢SHELTER Jan. 15, 2012

As said below this past week end was crazy busy and awesome FUN!
The blogging about it will not be chronological!
A crazy week end just wont do well told in an orderly manner ha ha

This is from yesterday’s (Sunday Jan 15th) LIVE in Shimokitazawa
and the crazy part here was the fact that it started at 1 pm!!
Yup 1:00 PM on a Sunday
Luckily I don’t ever get hang overs (Party night before), but well I did run on
sleep credit by now…  so 1 pm is tough!
Goining down in the dark LIVE HOUSE  from the SUNNY SUNLIGHT outside,
made me think I was back in my element though ha ha
Who cares if it’s a sunny afternoon when you are in here you are IN HERE…?!
The dark live house wont tell it is actually daytime outside.
When it comes to this particular performance I must say I think they had a
better stage performance than at Ikebukuro Black Hole in December.
Eisuke (Vo.) is always good, vivid and animated, but I also felt YOU (Ba.)
was more with it and at it, and handled the bass with more playful attitude than
last time.
I’m picky too after seeing big entertainment stars like MADsan and DIE,
earlier this week, it isn’t easy to come after them…
Luckily maybe for grace period was that right before them at Shelter was
one of the worst performances I have ever seen.
I’m not joking.
Sorry guys, I didn’t even bother to look up our name.
BUT seriously  go home, rehearse and guitarist must learn a few more chords
and should not ever sing
I usually try to avoid bad mouthing bands. Always trying to find at least something
positive to say. So maybe it’s a good thing not to post their band name here,
but that was an example on what you should not do.
You should not be on a live house stage until you know how,
and until you have a band that can play their instruments, and play the songs,
and play ALL together
but that made grace period sound all the better 😛

Last Second


The band “Last Second” with vocalist Marcello from Brazil,
hence tons of Brazilian ex-pats were in the crowds, and they took
partying and rocking seriously! 
Funny thing is that, out of the people I know here in Tokyo,
I brought with me two girl friends, one from Brazil, one from Russia.

The Brazilian girl had never been to a LIVE House before…
so we were all cheering her on telling her about it…
and then once there…
hmm a Live House in Tokyo filled with Brazilians!!!
ha ha ha ha ha
That was the anti-climax of this YEAR!

The other girls we came across were…
….were Russians!!
ha ha I mean what are the odds???
My Russian friend did not reveal that she could very well understand
them, and also heard what the Russian girls there said, while they
were totally unaware of that they were being understood…
Sometimes being a polyglot is fun moahahaha
I’m not really this mean… not really….
• ˚❆˛•˚ * 。❉ ˚ ˚ ˛❈˛ • ❄
I’m done apologizing about the image quality, the stage was very
low and lights directed straight into our faces…
actually that’s one thing I felt was a little second class at Black Hole.
Everything else was really good at this Live house, and the floor
feels ample and stage is wide… but oh well guess not everything
can be perfect everywhere…