VoRCHAOS – USHI and Fuji

VoRCHAOS Bassist Fuji and Drummer Ushi  OK I admit it,  ran out of superlatives and the last thing I want […]


Fair should be fair… didn’t get a very good shot of Okaji-san tonight, but here is a video from HeavensDust […]


Okahiro-san and me after DENIAL’s LIVE at 渋谷 ライブハウス Rarely do I post photos of myself but I will make […]

The trio hanafugetsu

Now something totally different… The trio hanafugetsu http://hanafugetsu.com/  Because of my interest in a Japanese Rock band “HeavensDust” I am following a […]

熊のジョン at 新宿 URGA

熊のジョン at 新宿 URGA I really enjoyed the performance by these professional musicians. In my opinion clearly the best band this night. Last […]