VoRCHAOS – USHI and Fuji

Bassist Fuji and Drummer Ushi 

OK I admit it,  ran out of superlatives and the last thing I want to be guilty of, is ‘vocabulary inflation of superlatives’ , so I just wont repeat myself… instead look at the photos and I will also post video later but YES they are worthy of all my superlatives

…oh and my friend Nata-san agrees! LOL he came along again… and said he will do so as often as he can, even when I’m not in Japan later on this winter…
‘I just don’t want to miss a single gig with these guys, Anna!’

And no worries,  wont be gone for long, just need to go back to the USA for a little bit so they dont forget me back there ha ha ha


Fair should be fair… didn’t get a very good shot of Okaji-san tonight, but here is a video from HeavensDust live at Ikebukuro Black Hole February 3, this year.
This was an awesome percussion ‘dialogue’ with Ajo-san and Okaji-san

Also when I got home I found this…
HeavensDust had uploaded an ‘Okaji-san Video’ m/


I will however soon post a photo of DENIAL’s bassist Toshi…


Okahiro-san and me after DENIAL’s LIVE at

渋谷 ライブハウス

Rarely do I post photos of myself but I will make an exception here because I do want this photo up of Okahiro-san!

I had never been to a LIVE with DENIAL before this evening and didn’t know what to except. I have heard the drummer Okaji-san before, and knowing he is an awesome drummer, I knew it couldn’t be bad.
The reason is because Okaji-san also plays drums in HeavensDust.

Every gig I go to I tend to the feel the music as a whole, but also listen to balance, genre, and over all composition of songs.
Sometimes a band can have a great guitarist, and even be ALL skilled, but still I just don’t like their style.
Sometimes I really like their music but can feel that there is something lacking, or a stage presence just isn’t there.
Sometimes …..it is like tonight….
…at DENIAL’s Live it was like this in my mind:

WOAH what a great drummer, but wait the bassist is really really good too… and then came the guitar and the guitar solos and yes I was floored… WOW!
Add to this evening a bunch of wonderful people, friends of my friend Atsuko-san, that all were so kind to me and  really made this evening a wonderful one!
We had some language issues, but music really breaks all barriers!

DENIAL’s music is filled with great rhythms, and everyone on the Star Lounge floor just had to move, to dance and be one with the music that filled the room.
Then as I said, Okahiro-san is a great guitarist, and when a great guitarist plays awesome guitar solos.. I’m totally sold!
Add to it he has a contagious smile and good looks…and I’m speechless!

Toshi-san played bass like a god, and a few songs were rather complicated rhythmically, and I must say I was impressed!
They also played a few songs acoustically and that too they managed with great skill.
It was rather fun to see Okaji-san sit on a box and drum on it!

So when a great drummer, gets together with a bassist who can really handle his strings, and a awesome guitarist, who is all smiling and charming on stage, all while playing music that I really like (because I like to move)
there you have it … a great band! 

I really hope I will be able to hear them LIVE again!

DENIAL has a blog here:
There music is here

Shibuya Star Lounge was a very pleasant and nice Live house as well. Not the dark basement kind, nor the Shibuya Trump Room style, but somewhere in between.
The lighting was good and the sound and volume just perfect, so yes a great evening indeed and a intimate live concert in Tokyo when it is at its very BEST!

Thank you  ありがとうございます  ALL –  DENIAL, Atsuko-san, all Atsuko’s wonderful friends and the DENIAL fans and audience !

A late edit:
LOVE it when I get this kind of feed-back after someone reads this blog (sent to me elsewhere):
“ Listened to DENIAL and they sound great!!  ”

The trio hanafugetsu

Now something totally different…
The trio hanafugetsu


Because of my interest in a Japanese Rock band “HeavensDust” I am following a few of their members on twitter. And this is how it goes…
HeavensDust is an amazing band in that they incorporate traditional instruments in their otherwise very contemporary music.
Taiko drums (Ajo) and the Shakuhachi (Daisuke)

Two of the members in HeavensDust play in the trio called hanafugetsu but here in the trio
衣袋聖志  Kiyoshi Ibukuro (who plays Bass in HeavensDust) plays the 箏 Koto

Koto is a traditional Japanese string instrument and you can read more about it here
or google it …
and of course watch the video in this blog

and Daisuke plays the Shakuhachi in both groups.
Here is a resourceful site about the shakuhachi

Isn’t this just DIVINE Music??

I am soooo grateful to all things that I get to experience here in Japan, and to the people who go with me and help me.
This time special gratitude goes to Kubota Nao who works at Sakura House here in Tokyo. She is very customer service oriented person, and does an excellent job at Sakura House. If you ever come to Tokyo and need a place to stay, she and the Sakura House staff is highly recommended by me!

Kubota-san and I are now friends, and she was kind to come along and help translating the Shakuhachi presentation held by Daisuke Kaminaga, as well as having fun trying to make sounds in this very difficult instrument. It was an awesome evening indeed!

熊のジョン at 新宿 URGA

熊のジョン at 新宿 URGA

I really enjoyed the performance by these professional musicians. In my opinion clearly the best band this night. Last guitarist was also very skilled but this was in my opinion a ‘fuller’ music feeling/experience.
Nanbu’s drumming is a great show in itself with his hair flying wild when he drums. If someone of you readers are thinking of producing a movie with a drummer in it… this one would be the perfect one for the visual effects!
If you want to see him for yourself his web site with schedule is here:
Akira on bass is also definitely worth your time, if you decide to go see them live. Actually the band played as a unity,and  all three are very skiled professional musicians.