Mad-san on the list…

Solitude – MADsan in focus…..

Mad definitely on my list of best Japanese drummers 

and well Bassist got a bit focus too Toru Nishida *drool*

and talking of BEST of…Before I leave Japan in a few weeks I will definitely put
together a “BEST of List”
My own Best of list which will include
musicians, bands, skills, charisma, looks, stage precense , fans, venues and more….
and NO worries I will be back in Japan shortly. Just need to leave for a little while,
and when I back I will be improved ha ha ha
Just stay in the loop guys!

Metal Inside

 MAD or  Takamasa “Mad” Ohuchi

This is one cool, real rocking drummer,
and with tons of humor and laughters and smiles….

and as you can see he has METAL inside….lol

Cheers for Good Work

Z.O.  at Urawa Narciss – 浦和ナルシス  1-22-12

last one with the Z.O.  drummer and bassist
Now look at this drummer  ゆーぃち is really all into it, and he is is working it !
Gotta give cheers for hard and good work this night!
Think he should try to find a better band, more at the same level of skill.
Band dynamics… tricky topic!




Yuichi (ゆーぃち) Drummer

Z.O.’s Drummer ゆーぃち in focus Jan 22 2012 at 浦和ナルシス

NO this is not the BEST video ever, it’s rather lousy actually sorry

but I wanted to catch the drummer for a reason that goes beyond this blog so
sorry people – deal  with it ha ha ha

If anyone knows more about this drummer, or his earlier band TOON FACTORY,
please let me know.
I actually like the bassist a lot too.
And Yes, I hate when people pick out one or two people in a band, but here it is a fact.
The two of them were at least one level above the rest of the band,
with the sad consequence that the band didn’t sound very homogenous, and of course
that meant that they weren’t that good..
The singer was decent, or maybe not… there was just something that wasn’t
really convincing.

Probably their biggest issue for them, was not them  at all, but the fact that they
played right after 3 good bands this evening:
lix, Vagu*Project and Rubik






I took this video at 浦和ナルシス mostly because I was impressed by the drummer,
and I will upload another one right after this with a closer look at the drummer.
Sound quality is however poor.
Apparently the band the drummer stated as his previous band “TOON FACTORY”
ceased activity May 27 of last year according to the Visual Kei DataBase


Vo: 不魅弥 (RAVI)

Gu: 咲 (ex.GizeL)