Yoshiki on the Piano (HKG)


Trying to follow the timeline as close as I can between photos and videos,
but it just doesn’t work… lol
so …. now here is YOSHIKI on the piano….
from  X Japan in Hong Kong Nov 4, 2011




Happy Birthday Shinya!


お誕生日おめでとう Shinya!
Here is receives, and drinks, a big Birthday Sake !

YuI talking

Vagu*Project  ♡

Actually Im pretty clueless to what is being said…
but I SMILE every time I see this little video
when Ryo the bassist stands there, and then suddenly
starts singing softly…

The thing with this band is they are all awesome. It’s not just
the vocalist who is super professional, has total control of
the stage and eye contact with every person in the audience!
It is not just Crazy Boy Ryo’s personality, or the support guitarist
Shinya…. all of them are DAMN good at being on stage…..
and entertain the audience… the GIVE from their hearts!


Toshi Message Live

TOSHI – MESSAGE LIVE at Tokyo Government 

No photography Video allowed during his performance,
but here is a BEFORE sweep with the video,
so you can get the mood.
I will post a few more photos too.

Link to info here (Japanese)




Final Moments in Bangkok

Yoshiki and the throwing of water bottles….

Final moments in Thailand November 8th