Calm Like a Pond

I’m trying to be calm like this pond,
I’m trying very hard in several aspects of my life right now
not to FIRE up all my neurons and
not go totally angry, mad or passionate….
My computer decided to suddenly reject recognition of the mouse
I bought yesterday!
Right in this moment I cannot do anything much about it,
more than what I have tried so far.
Beyond this I need tech support, and none is available at midnight…
not even in Tokyo!

Other areas of frustration are similar in nature,
but hopefully not due to malfunctioning people,
but more in line with cultural differences.
Once again I need to slow down,
and I must realize that the rest of the world
does NOT operate at the same crazy speed as I am!

It’s ok , or at least I HOPE it will be…
– I will TRY my best to stay calm,
just as I did when practicing with the brush earlier today!