Akatsuki Yami

More good music…what a passion in this voice… in the song…

MUCC –  Akatsuki Yami – Darkness


First in Romaji and below in English

shinitakute me wo tojita
boku no subete mu ni kaeshi
kioku kara kietai to nemurezu kangaeteita

kumorizora ame chiratsuite
kinou no tenki, uso no you.
“ikiru kutsuu mo niteru na” to, ame ni utarete mita

kaze, hitotabi fukeba
utsurou keshiki dou korobu?

fukaku zekkai no soko e to shizumi hitori,
kara ni komoredo
urei wa muda to satosu sono egao ni sukuwareru

fukaku oboromori yami e to susumi kokoro mayu ni tozasedo
nageki no ito mure wo hodoki

akatsuki no yami tatazumite kono te ni nokorishi nukumori ni tou
itsuka seseragi ni sasabune ukabe
ano basho e kaeremasu ka?

ame ni, tsubuyaita
“ashita, tenki ni nare”

I wanted to close my eyes and die
Return myself to nothing
I wanted to erase my memories and sleep without thought
Cloudy skies and flickering rain
Like yesterdays weather was a lie
The rain tried to beat it into me,
“stop reflecting lifes misery.”
The wind,if it blows for a moment
How will it change the veiw as I fall?
Even as I’m confined to this shell,
I sink to the depths of the distant sea alone
There is no point in my pleading with my sorrow,
I’ll be saved by your smiling face.
Even though my heart is locked away in a cocoon,
I venture into the darkened misty forest
The threads of grief, an unraveling tangle
I attempt to withstand the moonless dawn and care
for the warmth left in my hands
Some day I will float a *sasabune* down a little stream
Can I ever return to that place?
I murmured to the rain
“things will be better tomorrow”




Nippon Budokan

Nippon Budokan – 日本武道館 – 
I always wanted to come here, but maybe this was not
HOW I had imagined it to be, or at least not the reason for coming here
ha ha ha
Budokan was originally built for the judo competition in the
1964 Summer Olympics.

I have always wanted to come here for some fantastic Rock concert,
Though it also functions as a venue for big musical events,
its primary purpose is really for Japanese martial arts.
The first rock group to perform here was The Beatles,
in a series of shows in June/July 1966. Their appearances were
met with opposition from those who felt the appearance of a
western pop group would dishonor the martial arts arena.
However, Budokan has since served as the stage for many world
famous artists, both from the west and Japanese:
Eric Clapton, Diana Ross, Cheap Trick, Bob Dylan,
Michael Schenker Group, The Police, Yellow Magic Orchestra,
Frank Sinatra, Yngwie Malmsteen, Prince, Oasis, Malice Mizer,
Ozzy Osborne, Pearl Jam, Duran Duran, Dream Theater,
The Gazette, Perfume, Avril Lavigne, Dir En Grey, …
and many many others.

There is clearly a correlation, between what the
Japanese people feel as being a successful band and
having performed at the Budokan.
Have you played here;
then you have made it!
Also I have noticed that the Western bands that the Japanese
know about, and listen to, are often artists that have played here.
Artists that haven’t, yet are big in the West, aren’t necessarily
as famous, or known, here as they are abroad.
And the reverse, artists that have played here, are sometimes,
more known, or popular here than they are on their own
home grounds.
This means, for artists, if you really want to make it in Japan,
you must come here and play!

Budokan on Wikipedia
Budokan Homepage:




Carpe Diem

You just never know what you get in this box of chocolates called LIFE!

Last night I was a good girl and prepared my clothes for today.
I did laundry, and I even went to bed in time in order to be up
very early this morning.
I confirmed with the friend whom I was supposed to meet,
where and how we were going to make contact this morning,
and I had  triple-checked the train schedules at:


This morning, when the alarm rang, I really had doubts about
my capacity getting up and look my best for the whole day to come,
but I DID IT!
I ironed my dress (it was a semi-formal academic event),
and I even had time to drink a cup of tea before I left my
apartment at 7:40 AM.
For me that’s a real VICTORY!
I mean, I usually go to bed around 3 or 4 in the morning…..

Anyway I felt like a TOKYO PRO when I easily swapped from
Odakyu line to JR Chūō-Sobu Line to Keio Metro/Subway Line!
I stepped out and realized I came out by Nippon Budokan
and had only a short 3 minute walk left.
The weather was perfect with CLEAR BLUE SKIES !

Right then my friend called. He had gotten ill overnight and wasn’t
going to make it today… so suddenly at 8.30 am in the morning
I found myself in a part of Tokyo quite a distance from home.
I was just about to go back to the subway when I realized that I
was standing right outside the Nippon Budokan and its lovely Park!

So I guess today will be a day for a walk….

At first I was just thinking that I should walk across the park
towards Chiyoda.
It was such a lovely morning, and a new experience for me who
usually sleeps at this time.
A nice walk in the park, until it’s time for breakfast was my new plan…