Size doesn’t matter?

Beer and Wine in Japan Questions …
Teeny, tiny beer glasses … Can someone please tell me the rationale behind this?
The bottles certainly aren’t small…
by the way just so you don’t all jump on me… they do serve beer in bigger
beer glasses/jugs as well … but often this is what you see.
Same with wine.. often same teeny, tiny glasses.. and well when we are
at the topic of WINE… why is red wine served cold in Japan.. I mean really COLD…
Not everywhere but almost everywhere

Happy Party People

Sakura House Friendship Party December 19 , 2011

People and happy faces!!
Photos of a few guests but also a photo of Sakura House sweet
staff Lim-san.
She was actually trying to be as customer friendly as always, and
worked while we all were enjoying ourselves!
and… yeah…
….this was….later… after sake and beer …so photo quality is
accordingly ha ha ha



Above: Lim-san, staff at Sakura House, Shinjuku office





D.O.D … hide

♡ ♡ ♡
D.O.D – Drink Or Die..

A genuinely connecting international cross-cultural evening
with  hide as the center, heart and connecting link
to all this amazing FRIENDSHIP…
He connects people every day!
We had a wonderful time drinking and eating together
at an izakaya, also celebrating my birthday a couple of
days early. On my actual birthday I will be in
Hong-Kong seeing X Japan on their South East Asia
part of the 2011 World Tour.
So cool to celebrate the birthday with Pata on stage,
who shares the birthday date 11-04.
Thank you so much Phoebe-Elona for bringing hide 
with you tonight!
♡ ♡ ♡