VoRCHAOS – USHI and Fuji

Bassist Fuji and Drummer Ushi 

OK I admit it,  ran out of superlatives and the last thing I want to be guilty of, is ‘vocabulary inflation of superlatives’ , so I just wont repeat myself… instead look at the photos and I will also post video later but YES they are worthy of all my superlatives

…oh and my friend Nata-san agrees! LOL he came along again… and said he will do so as often as he can, even when I’m not in Japan later on this winter…
‘I just don’t want to miss a single gig with these guys, Anna!’

And no worries,  wont be gone for long, just need to go back to the USA for a little bit so they dont forget me back there ha ha ha

VoRCHAOS @ Yokohama 7th Avenue

Vorchaos !!!! Live at Yokohama 7th Avenue October 19, 2012 

This band has it ALL: skill, talent, stage presence, charisma, enthusiasm, great songs, a unique sound, and yeah did I mention great skills?
This is music at its very best!
They totally ROCK!
When I see them on stage my mind is just blown away in awe and I feel that the rest of the world must hear them too…must get a chance to feel as good as I do after a live gig with VoRCHAOS!
If you are in Tokyo area and you like good heavy quality rock, and you have a chance to see them : DO IT!