hide meets the South West

When you take hide with you out, and let him take the lead
on a New Year’s Eve…
you are in for a treat… so far the evening almost looked too calm…
but we took it easy, took our time, and chilled….
and the awesome DJ played the right kind of music after he had
chatted with us for a little bit (^.~)

Not knowing Japanese can be tough sometimes, but having hide on
the table while drinking in Japan, solves any kind of possible language
barriers…. ha ha ha
Funny enough though, the last I saw of 2011, were these walls
with Route 66 and the bathroom even had a dream catcher on the wall…
Here I was on the other side of the world, closing 2011 as the year
with my leap from USA… the South West…sitting in a bar in Tokyo
looking straight at a Rt 66 road sign… oh the irony



Having a drink with hide

hide showed us the way….
you know he does that if you let him…
so we sat down to drink with him at a bar in Shimokitazawa

We took off from Ikebukuro with yamanote line and ran thru
Shinjuku station and made it to Shimokitazawa around 22.45…
then what?
Neither one of us had given it any thought
we were totally clueless what to do when we arrived.
ha ha ha
We started walking and figured it will come to us…
hide will show us where to go
Phoe-Lo showed me where the ‘Garden’ venue was where SGZ
had the Soul’s mate show in  December…. and then…..
just totally intuitively ’crazy’, we walked in to a bar……
sat down ordered drinks and just waited for something to happen…. When you have hide on table something was bound to happen…
but first let’s drink….

Sisters and Brothers

hide’s birthday 2011
Dear sisters and brothers who love hide,
there will be more about yesterday soon!
I go back and forth here between doing it chronologically or not ha ha
meanwhile you can, like I do now and then visit
DIE-san’s blog
(Spread the Beaver/Ra:IN/Kiss the World – for those of you who don’t
immediately recall the name)



Emotional Birthday with Pata

X-Japan Hong Kong November 4th, 2011

My emotional recording from my iPhone from Pata’s Birthday.
Here I was, not knowing a soul, all alone on my own birthday
having the BEST time of my life attending
I took this birthday song to my heart, as it was the only
Happy Birthday singing I was going to hear this birthday.
On this day I did not talk to anyone except from some social chat
with strangers and with the X Japans fans who helped me
but who I had never met before. Of course they didn’t know it
was my birthday.
I was totally disconnected from everything but Facebook
and all the wonderful messages that came in meant the WORLD to me
this day. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds …
even beyond half way to a thousand…
of Happy Birthday greetings..
WOW Thank You!!