Kiyoharu and Atsushi 2007

Kiyoharu and Atsushi together… 2007
“Just One More Kiss”
Superlatives all over!!

How I wish we could see more of this Sakurai Atsushi
The one of gives his audience everything
I certainly must go to more BUCK-TICK lives and hope that
December 8th really was an anomaly
For those of you not recognizing Kiyoharu, 森 清治 :
he is mostly known for Kuroyume 黒夢 and Sads



Text only :)

It’s been two strenuous but fantastic days!
Sunshine in abundance and warm weather, even hot considering how it feels with the humidity. After a second night at the lovely Yuzan Guest House in Nara,
I woke up at 4.30 am, half an hour before my alarm.
Guess I was anxious not to sleep in and miss the train. At the start, the rapid commuter train to Kyoto (shortly before 7 am) was EMPTY,
and I started to think that I must be so full of stereotypes!!!
However, just two stations later the train car was indeed packed,  and I sat squeezed in a corner with my bags, listening to Buck-Tick, once again realizing what an alien I must look like!
The only westerner, and a strange looking one at that too!
Once back in Kyoto it was a short walk across the street to Kyoto Tower Hotel.
NOT a hotel I considered for any other reason than it served my purpose perfectly!
They took care of my baggage and the Sightseeing bus came shortly thereafter.
I will post photos from yesterday’s tour in Kyoto once I get free Wi-Fi again
(or I should say IF I get free wifi again!! One is spoiled rotten with free Wi-Fi spots in Albuquerque)
After a VERY LONG day with temples, shrines and landmarks in Kyoto, I was back at the hotel about 10 hours later!! Right in the lobby I bumped into LaLa (Pam) who had missed the train from Nara in the morning. We were both hungry, so after a wash up in my room I was ready to go again. We decided to take the easy way out and went up in the Kyoto tower for a dinner with a view! I was too tired to even take in anything much but it was really a lovely view!
Now, the real ordeal started a few hours later.
I didn’t have any hotel reservations from now on, and needed to decide where to go next. LaLa (Pam) and I have different goals with our trips so we have decided to continue separately, and connect in Osaka again on Thursday next week for the Kuroyume concert at Namba Hatch.
Three hours later, and plenty of agony from trying to do accommodation search on the phone, I decided to go to Takamatsu and maybe from there be able to take a ferry to one of the islands tomorrow. It was an online twitter friend who recommended the ferry.
Thanks Hiroyuki!
Now breakfast … Lousy one , but I just want to get going again and not spend time looking for the perfect breakfast, so black coffee and toast it was!

Right Foot

This foot and its left counter-part will soon start walking!
It cannot wait!
First I need to go to the station and sort out tickets for LIVE gigs
like kuroyume and Miyavi

“Left foot, Left foot
Right foot, Right.
Feet in the morning.
Feet at night.
Left foot, Left foot, Left foot, Right.
Wet foot, Dry foot.
High foot, Low foot….”
Dr. Seuss